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  1. I actually came back to edit that as I realized it would not work.
  2. I came to pat tthis very issue and saw this thread. I saw a video anf the huy was shpeing hoe to attack sams he was getting all kinds of audio warnings. I cam not hey amy . I habe zero dcs mods and no warming sounds
  3. So to get on coms I need to use discord? Does the 107th have a stand-alone site?
  4. My Sensor Select Forward control is highlighted in red. No matter if I assign it to another assignment or not. Can someone please help? Thanks
  5. Thank You! Getting better at navigating the server better. Just new to DCS in general.
  6. Would I be allowed to VTOL with harrier from ramp area if it is clear of other traffic?
  7. Can someone tell me how I know where the JTACs are located. I fly the harrier and cannot input LAT LOG into the NAV. Is there a quick way to find there location? I am new to DCS and just want to start actually dropping bombs that hit something.
  8. How would I go about finding where the JTAC is in multiplayer?
  9. I am new to DCS and PC gaming. I play mostly on Inferno Server as I like how it is set up already. ( I cannot figure out how to install missions) I want to be able to find these JTACS and deploy laser GBU as I feel it will help me deploy weapons with success. Can someone help me figure out how to find these JTACS? Thanks so much. I usually play later in the night so if you see me on I would love to fly with others.
  10. Hi I really enjoy this in multiplayer although I do not feel skilled enough to be there . When I download from DCS mind you new to PC gaming. My CPU unzips them as notepad files.? IS there a how to install walkthrough?
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