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  1. Bravo Ted. I have many modules but the Harrier is "my module". And as spanish, I have the luck to have the L61 Carrier mod. All would be perfect if Razbam release the Harrier II Plus.
  2. Me too. When it becomes a crazy horse I have to put autopilot on and off. But it's very annoying.
  3. Enhorabuena por la nueva web. Muchas gracias por este trabajo ya imprescindible en mi comunidad. Un saludo.
  4. I can confirm this. In cold start in the Tarawa (or L61) you have to charge the hydraulic system but not in any airport.It is a nice feature.
  5. My english is no good. So, I adhere to those words. Thanks RB.
  6. The AV8B NA has a lot of rotatories for lights, hud, and a lot of others. Why not in the settings as sliders like in other modules?
  7. Change it at the ME. It is easy.
  8. Beltza

    Laser JDAMs

    For me it's ok: Push waypoint increment twice. [YOUTUBE]yBvlZSyO1C8[/YOUTUBE]
  9. Beltza

    AV8B II Plus

    :smartass::thumbup: It's my videogame dream.
  10. Beltza

    AV8B II Plus

    Razbam said when the F18's radar is completed, they will develop the AV8B II plus. Is it on the work?
  11. No doubt, the Gazelle. I've the UH, the Ka-50 and the Gazelle; my helicopter is the Gazelle. It's as real as the others ones and it is easy anf funny. I think is the best approach to the Kiowa.
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