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  1. Well, after few flights my impressions have changed. The FM is very complex and is a new challenge to master it. I have a good time doing it. Sorry about my firsts complains and thanks to RAZBAM for all this hard work.
  2. Of course I can't. It's just my obervation. I love this module. I have a lot of them but i only fly the harrier. Now I am very surprised with this update. If I am wrong, sorry. And I can't expres me better in english...
  3. So you mean RAZBAM has give us a cheating module for years? I'm not an specialist, but always has been said the harrier is a fast strike ground attack. Now it has nothing of fast, it is a really turtle, not woth it.
  4. Wellcome to the new turtle. It is as slow as the A10. All we have learn with this module can be throw to the trash, all the missions we have edited can be throw to the trash. It has been my favorite module but with this state it is to be kept in a drawer. Damn!
  5. En la 24Flotilla estamos centrados en el Harrier. Si te interesa nos puedes encontrar en www.24flotilla.com . Un saludo.
  6. And with the ECM pod too. It occurs when you don't install de gun. Other old bug is when an other player has the cannopy open, we see it closed.
  7. Great!! Can you do an axis control for the COMMs volumen?
  8. Areas to random spawn units, groups and waypoint.
  9. Hola Rudull. Lo del mod de mini joystick es carillo, pero de verdad que merece la pena. Es aquí: Analog thumbstick slew sensor upgrade for TM Warthog – Delta Simulation Electronics (deltasimelectronics.com) No sé cómo andará ahora, pero cuando lo compré tenía una lista de espera importante. Hay un hilo en estos foros donde mantienen contacto con el vendedor y actualizan las recepciones: Yet another warthog slew upgrade - Página 14 - Thrustmaster - ED Forums (eagle.ru) Ármate de paciencia y suerte. Un saludo.
  10. Buen vídeo. El pequeño desajuste del joy se arregla apretando los tornillos que hay en la base. Ya he visto en los comentarios que lo arreglaste. Por otro lado, en aliexpress venden un anillo para reforzar la zona de posible fractura del joy. Cuesta poco y merece la pena. Es éste: Cabezal de soporte antirotura para Thrustmaster Hotas, A 10C de Warthog, material F/A 18C|Partes y accesorios| - AliExpress Yo también le hice la modificación del minimouse cambiándolo por el minijoystick y va de lujo. Aconsejo a todo el mundo que tenga este mando que lo haga. Un saludo.
  11. I'm perplexed with this post. I fly the Harrier almost every day and all the stuff is usable. There are some bugs, but the harrier is awesome, one of the best modules in dcs.
  12. Of course DCS is a game and only a game. And in the videogames world is a simulator. Those who think that DCS is somehow like real life... mmmm. The Gazelle is my favourite and funniest module of helicopters. Very good video, thanks.
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