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  1. +1 Would be very appreciated if that function come true for the Viggen. :)
  2. Knock-Knock. how does the "snapview" work? Is it saved so you don't have to adjust the view next time you start a mission?
  3. This is how I do it when I do multiple missons: 1. After landing - set BER 2. Take out the cartridge 3. Delete the old waypoints in the F10-map. You do that by click on the X in the waypoint label 4. Mark the new waypoints 5. Select cartridge in kneeboard (notice that there will be more waypoints than you have in F10-map, but the number of waypoints will be correct in the cartridge) 5. Put back the cartridge 6. Set up the CK with 9099 7. Before take off - set NAV
  4. Is there a solution to this issue yet? Had the same issue today. Did som practicing on formation flying. Set up an AI flight with one Viggen. After the flight I wanted to look at the track. First time my plane would take off...but in the climb my Viggen suddenly descended and crashed to the ground. Two times it did that. On third and following attempts to see the track my Viggen would taxi out on the grass and get stuck. Why is it behaving like that? Is there any other way to look at the tracks?
  5. I have been using TrackIR 5 for a while now, haven't had that issue. Maybe you have to adjust the height of your track receiver or something like that.
  6. I have noticed the same thing. One gear out, no warning.
  7. Thank's Knock-Knock! The extra markers in the ground crew page got me confused and didn't understand that I should load the cartridge again. I hope HB will implement that the kneeboard shows the actual number of waypoints. But now I know how to use these features. :)
  8. Is there a way to delete a waypoint, if you misplaced it?
  9. It might be that i didn't make the adjustments in the actual binding right.
  10. I don't know exactly. I simply guess that the binding to my slider (on throttle unit) made the Gain to be in some end position and made my radar completely useless. If I were you I would try to delete that binding. It helped me. I have the Gain assigned to keys instead. Land and sea come out fine now, and I can clearly se ships. Today I even (I think) saw land units in the radar.
  11. Thank's all for your replies. I sorted it up, and you led me in the right direction. I had Gain assign to an axis (slider) on my HOTAS Throttle. That messed up my radar. I deleted that binding och now the radar works well again. I even se the ships better now than before. Thanks knock-knock for the pictures. I will experiment a little to work out the land units as well. Once again, thanks all!
  12. Thanks for answering. Tried to adjust the Gain, but no luck. I have it assign to one of my axis on my HOTAS throttle. Could maybe be a problem. Sorry about the off topic, will try a little more and maybe get back in a new thread with more data. :-)
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