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  1. If I recall the only things special were running it as admin and I think you were supposed to backup a lua file before you start because there's a modified file that allows the saving of progress for the campaign, but there's some sort of warning about vulnerability so you would want to switch the LUA file back to the original one if you play online multiplayer on public servers.
  2. I have not read through the thread but I'm certain my suggestion will have been mentioned several times. I would say DCS Liberation. It's like a persistent campaign with front lines that move, you can play single or multi player, it has a nice GUI to setup scenerios. Prior to this, I would use DCS like a sandbox game, just fly around shooting down planes and blowing up ground targets. I'd get bored and turn it off quickly. Liberation brings pushing enemy lines and capturing bases into it and it saves progress as you go. It makes this awesome sandbox sim into a game.
  3. I honestly don't believe it's going to provide much of a noticeable difference. That 3090 card is built for workstations, no gaming application is using 24gigs of Vram right now. Maybe in the future but I doubt anytime soon, no dev is going to devote time to a feature for a demographic of almost none since only enthusiasts pay upwards of $700+ for video cards. I was going to get the 3080 but the damn thing sold out in seconds, the same thing happened to that 3090 card. I'd be a fool to think the same thing won't happen with the 3070 card. The unprecedented demand Nvidia says they were not
  4. Really? Having to wait an additional day or two for a publishers game to become available on a 3rd party system to which they have no control is akin to being treated as a second class citizen?
  5. Steam Surcharge? Are you paying a fee to USE steam?
  6. Can you ask them probing questions like "Do we have to wait for our point of contact to come back from his/her vacation before you approve this?"
  7. Come on Steam, hurry up and approve this so we can buy it. I hope they don't have to wait for their point of contact to get back from vacation before it goes up.
  8. Why would you want this if you already have Touch Controllers on the Rift? Is it because it's convenient since it's on a ring finger so you don't have to grab an entire controller? It seems like it would be easier to use since most people are going to play this game with a Hotas and if it's on a ring finger you wouldn't have to try and grab an entire controller. Is mouse pointing an issue in VR? I thought it was fine with touch and the pointer system. Either way I think you are making an incredibly cool peripheral, I personally can't justify the cost because the only place I might actual
  9. Are they working on the engine as we speak? Or is Vulkan already implemented into the current engine? I was under the impression that DCS was on a really old outdated engine and the switch to Vulkan would be a game changer. I don't notice a difference at all since I started playing it.
  10. Thanks for the help everyone. Steam said All I have to do is go to re-install the game and point to the directory it's already installed on and it'll just re-verify everything. The problem is that this game is so huge it takes it's on dedicated hard drive. I only bought a puny 250 GB SSD. So when I try to point to it, it doesn't pass because there's not enough room left on the drive to do the install even though it's not going to install anything. This all became such a huge pain in the ass, I just erased the entire DCS folder and re-downloaded it. It took a while,but not too long. By t
  11. That wasn't released yet? I remember seeing it being mentioned on facebook probably over a year ago. This, The F14, now the F16! I want to buy it all.
  12. I completely agree. I pretty much stopped playing any campaigns or missions but Through the inferno because the missions take forever and something always comes up. So I can only really play a quick online game or a sand box style game like Through the Inferno.
  13. So does this mean that ED is NOT going to use Vulcan? If not are they working on a new engine that is more modern? Needing 32 gigs of ram in any situation is ridiculous for a game.
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone, yes the files are all physically still on the hard drive. I went to manage folders and the folder that had DCS was no longer there, so I went to add it and it says this: ""selected drive already has a steam library folder. Steam will manage multiple game installs in a single folder for you" and it doesn't do anything to the game in steam itself. Did steam just randomly remove the existing folder from that area so steam no longer knows where to look for DCS? How and why does this even happen? I certainly did not go in there and remove it myself, I didn't e
  15. Does DCS Uninstall itself after a period of time on steam? I haven't played it since 9/2/18. Steam doesn't have a "play" button, it has an "Install" button, but my game is physically installed on one of my drives, it is still physically there. Why is steam not seeing it as installed? When I try to click on install, it tells me I have to download this huge file that is larger than the hard drive space I have. How do I force it to see that the game is already there, I don't want to download 100's of gigs again when it's already on my hard drive. I installed it on steam and it worked well e
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