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  1. Ah ok, I may try that. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks again Crash Test Pilot. I've actually gone thru Romeo Kilo's posts several times but I was hoping for something a little bit more detailed as far as measurements. I downloaded his plans but they're PDFs, I'm not sure exactly how I can use them. Any ideas?
  3. Awesome! Thanks Crash Test Pilot! If anyone has any how to's, I'd love to see them too before I pay for them.
  4. Anybody know where I can buy Fire T Handles for my A-10 Simpit or know of any how-to's? I looked around and searched but nothing came up. Thanks in advance!
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info and the tips guys, it's greatly appreciated.
  6. I looked for a Topic like that and didn't see it. Obviously didn't look hard enough. Thanks Bignewy, appreciate it!
  7. Does anyone at least know if these older panels are made of hard plastic and painted or what they're made of? I know the face plate isn't metal. Obviously if they're painted, I won't be able to clean it and make it look like new unless I want to repaint it, which I wouldn't, but if it's a black acrylic, I would guess I can buff it or use some kind of chemical to clean it and make it shine again?
  8. Hey guys, I scored an old C-6280 APX Panel that's in really good condition but I'd like to clean it up and polish the face plate to make it look almost like new again so it matches my other newly made panels in my A10 Simpit. Any ideas what I can do to polish the face of it to make the black look good again? The last thing I want to do is use the wrong chemical or tool and ruin it. Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. Hey guy,s finally starting to build my A-10 Simpit and I'm having a hard time finding an inexpensive On-On-(On) switch for the Inverter Stby switch. I've seen several for around $30-$40 but i don't want to spend that much on a switch. If there aren't any inexpensive ones, is there a way to use an On-Off-(On) switch for it? I've seen plenty of those. Thanks!
  10. Any idea how much total the laser clone and upgrades cost? And does anyone know about how much the acrylic sheets cost to make all of the A-10 panels? I've seen some people use 2 layers for the panels and some people use 3 layers of acrylic sheets.
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to finally build my A-10 Sim Pit and eventually F-18 pit down the road. I'm still debating on just buying the panels already made or making my own. I'm guessing if I plan on making more than one sim pit, it would be more cost effective to build them myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on a cutter/engraver for this type of project and for somebody with zero experience with them? Like most of us, I'm on a budget, so I'm not looking to spend thousands on it and I don't plan on doing anything else with the machine, basically just use it to cut and engrave the cockpit panels. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  12. Yeah, I figured that, just thought maybe someone on here had already done the cost comparison etc. Thank you for the response!
  13. I'm finally going to build an A10 sim pit and possibly an F18 or F14 in the future. Would it be better/easier to have someone make the cockpit panels or should I invest in a laser cutter/engraver? I just mean the cutting and engraving of the panel itself, I'm going to do the wiring up of the switches and knobs, etc.
  14. No, cause as I said in my original post, I'm lost and need a step by step how to, as in something that a newbie will understand. Yes, I read the troubleshooting section of the first post, but again, I don't understand it. " Check if you installed the files in the correct place" Which files and where's the correct place??? " I recommend to you use JSGME or OVGME to do the job" I have no idea what these are. " Then edit the MonitorSetup file to adjust the viewports to your monitor configuration. (2_monitors-FA18C.lua )" I know where that file is in the folder that CaptZeen made but no idea what to edit in the file and what to put. I'm running 4 monitors in a T formation. Triple monitors for my main view and then the 4th monitor is below the triple monitor setup for helios. The resolution in DCS is 7680x1440 for the triple monitors. My 4th monitor, the Helios monitor is a 1920x1080 monitor. Any help broken down in dummie/newbie terms would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey guys, i just started flying the F18 and downloaded Capt Zeen's helios profile and everything and all the viewports aren't showing on my Helios Monitor, they're just blank boxes. I read the fix on the first page of this thread but I'm a bit lost. Does anyone have a how to, step by step, on how to export these views to show on the helios monitor? My helios monitor is 1920x180. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys, I'm about to buy my first triple monitor setup and I'm looking for some suggestions on which monitor would be best for DCS World. I also play iRacing as well. I'm looking for 27" ,Gsync with the thinnest bezels possible. Thanks!
  17. Great news guys, got the new card and no crashes! Well, game wise. :lol: Looks like it was a bad card after all of that. The game still doesn't exit properly, and I do run it as administrator. Not sure what's going on there. I play it thru Steam if that means anything. Thanks again to everyone who tried to help!!
  18. Latest Update: I did a clean re-install of Windows 10 and I couldn't even get my computer to recognize the 1080 ti GPU, it was just a black screen when I tried to use it. I called EVGA and they said just to send it back. I re-installed my old EVGA 1050 Ti and have had no crashes at all. The only thing now is when I try to exit the game, it never exits properly and always says the program is not responding, etc, in which I just click cancel. I'm not sure why that's happening but I'd rather deal with just that then not even being able to play the game for more than 10 seconds. I should have the new 1080 ti on Wednesday and I'll report back if it works and it was just a bad card or if I'm still having game crashes with it. Thanks again for everyone that has helped and made some suggestions!! It's much appreciated!!
  19. Latest Update: I have tried the following and still, no help: Process Lasso New/different MOBO New/different PSU At this point the only things left that I haven't done are a clean reinstall of Windows and lastly, return the GPU and see if maybe I got a bad card. Thanks everybody for your help and hopefully I'll have a final resolution to my game crash issues sooner rather than later.
  20. I definitely plan on OCing that bad boy, when I have a few minutes to learn how. I've never overclocked anything before. from what I've heard, it's pretty easy these days. Thanks for the suggestion!
  21. I actually just picked up a ASUS Prime Z370-A in case I figure out it's the MOBO. But thanks for the suggestion!
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