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  1. Yes, sorry winter uses a generic landnoise.tif as its the same texture everywhere. :doh: You can use a different snownoise.tif texture for summer and spring for example to show the amount of snow and bare ground per tile. For example you could use Barthek's for Summer, Mustang's for Spring and Default for autumn or you can crate your own if you know how. Then I believe you can alter the snow line level for each season in terrain.cfg file. I've not tried this so you will have to look for the appropriate entry's and experiment.
  2. Just pop your own snownoise.tif texture in to the LandNoiseSummer.zip /Winter/Spring ect. :thumbup: You could use the original but I like to use the one from Mustangs terrain mod.
  3. Open Beta MiG-29 Cockpit. Restored countermeasures counter. Dose this mean its meant to be working? Its still stays stuck at 60 for me. :(
  4. Strange, my Su-25A is looking as good as it should. There my be the possibility that there are still some files leftover from a mod conflicting? Try this. . . Do a clean and then repair on DCS World. Then rename your DCS mods folder and run the game to give it a fresh start. Try lowering your gamma to at least 1.7
  5. Are those the stock textures or a mod? Try deleting your fxo and metashaders2 folders in your saved games folder. :thumbup:
  6. Looks fantastic!!:thumbup: Loving the spring textures so far and so pleased you are still working on this.
  7. This model has no propeller or engine sounds for those who don't own it. Noticeable most on multiplayer servers as it silently swooshes by and when using it as AI. Thought I would mention it here.
  8. Hello, thank you for taking the time to reply. :) I that screenshot was taken in the latest Open beta I had imagined that they tried to simulate what would happen if the Rad paint absorbed some energy from direct sunlight and then would glow when going in to shadow. But you can see the UV laps are definitely turned on though and they cast a purple glow on the cockpit. It looks awful :( Hope its fixed soon
  9. Forgive me if this has been asked before, I have done a few searches but cant I cant find anything relating. I've noticed that the UV lighting runs during the day time even from a cold start with no power or circuit beakers on. If I start a mission at night though I have to power up and turn them on my self as expected. I did an experiment and stated a cold start mission on the ramp at Dawn. The UV lamps were off again as expected, so I left the aircraft cold and speed up time and sure enough as the sun rose a little the laps turned on and the gauges lit up? Bug or solar powered?
  10. I've been wondering about this too. I got really excited when ED released the new MiG-29 flight model, 3d model and the cockpit upgrade. I was hoping they would all be updated or revamped with the development of MAC but with lack of any news on MAC I worry FC3 will fade away and be dropped eventually. I love the clickable aircraft but I can only fly one at at time as my brain dumps what I have learnt when I have to take in new info for another. The commonalty and reduced work load of the FC3 aircraft just appeals to me.
  11. Please Ignore! Repair and a fresh saved games folder seems to have fixed the problem. Sorry guys :doh:
  12. OpenBeta only! Has anybody noticed the odd propeller pitch sound most notable from a distance or in the flyby view? It sound a little like propeller tips going supersonic but sounds very odd and out of place for the Yak to me. I'm not a fan. :( I'm running a clean install with no mods. It doesn't appear in the stable version. I'm not sure if its a sound bug but or feature? Apology's if its the latter.
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