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  1. This are FC3 planes, there is lot of simplifications. Still i think they did some great job given they are low fidelity planes for extremally affordable price. Consider just this one thing: F-15 had been intentionally designed with requirement to have four semi-recess low-drag fuselage pylons, non-universal (they could carry AIM-7 missile only, and later AMRAAM) but they offered far lower drag increase when carrying a missile - semi-recessed inside the fuselage and within uniform fuselage aerodynamic boundary layer, this missiles had far smaller drag index, especially backward
  2. IIRC, but maybe i mixed something, HB wanted to make JA-37 but they refused to give them some data to model crucial systems like datalink etc. And HB didn't want to make some made up unrealistic guestimated bogus, what is very right choice. But even 1980s Cold War JA-37 would be great, with AA radar, Sparrow-like missiles, more powerfull engine. All depends on data available i guess.
  3. bies


    When it comes to Navy line there was nearly no such thing as 1980s Phantoms, there was only so many aircraft carriers and in early 1980s F-14 were numerous enough to fill them That's what this once great top performing fighter was worth then: But argument of @WinterH - lack of Vietnam era planes and map is very good and valid. Considering all of that i think the best solution would be an F-4E from the very end of Vietnam war and mid 1970s. Direct timeframe equivalent of MiG-21bis from 1972, F-5E from 1973 and further Mirage F.1C from
  4. Since Apache has both pilot and gunner seating inside one canopy it will be great if they have fluent animations, like the one Heatblur did for the F-14. It will be especially important for the pilot seating behind the gunner and seeing him more or less all the time during whole flight. In F-14 this fluent animations are doing great job adding a lot of realism and allowing to believe there is another person seating inside the cockpit. And it looks great in the big F-14 mirrors also.
  5. bies


    Exactly this. IDK why someone would want last, most worn out, overweight variants, close to retirement, outdated, post it's Vietnam war, post it's glory as a high performance top notch fighter. Phantom from 1980s would be just a n old poor cousin of F-14s and F-15s. Close to retirement. Degraded to secondary duties and lower threat environment less dangerous missions and training, outperformed by it's far more modern enemies. Vietnam war was the time this was a shiny powerful fighter. Maybe the best in the world and for sure the most capable/universal. Having time to cl
  6. So I understand it's something in between: not today's political tension like Hormuz or Marianas, not historical real life wars like Vietnam or Korea but historical possible conflicts and political tensions. Alaska, Kamchatka, Iceland. Something like Fulda Gap, Baltics, GIUK Gap. I guess i should add third category. Even though there was no hot full scale wars in this regions there were mutual interceptions, armed intrusions, life weapon training etc. And nearly all military planes since WW2 were designed to fight in this regions. I like this idea sinc
  7. Changes of Six Shooter were not that big. Modified canopy, vulkan gun instead of nuclear Genie and gunsight. Aerges is making four Mirage F.1 variants so there is no problem.
  8. bies


    Great classic plane. There is one problem with Yak-9 - to have any sense it would require at minimum WWII Soviet asset pack and WWII Eastern Front map. Plus preferably some Soviet AI planes like IL-2 and Tu-2. It would be huge amout of work. If it would be JUST one Yak-9 out of context, to fly fantasy scenarios only on western front map, together with US/British planes, covering US/British tanks, escorting US/British bombers - and making DCS even wider and shallower at the same time - in such case i wouldn't be interested.
  9. ED is aware of that, burble effect is already on their to do list for the Supercarrier.
  10. I have some suggestion when it comes to map chose, but i would like to know community opinion. It's visible there are two main criteria ED has chosen, first, dominant, is current nowadays political tensions. - after Chechnya war the Crimea map - after USA/Saudi - Iran tensions the Hormuz Straight map - after USA - China tensions the Marianna map Second is real life full scale military conflicts with timeframe corresponding with timeframe of DCS modules and assets, this is underrepresented but last Syrian map fits this category. (But even in this one
  11. You have chosen to attack me personally instead of my argument. I wrote about QAnon conspiracy theory in negative context yet you still intentionally sad "your far right politics" to show me in a bad light attacking me instead of the argument. Than you attacked my non native English language grammar mistake. And than you stated i look like a fool. I don't think I look like a fool writing in a middle of a night on my phone in non native language making some grammar mistake on an international forum where some half of the users regularly make linguistic mistakes.
  12. It's BS. We asked DEKA about similar plane, the answer is We can safely forget about it, it's classified and impossible to model. The answer is here on DEKA subforum, you can read if you want. Not making Su-30MKK or similar plane because they don't want to is just a QAnon level conspiracy theory. And the last update, when ED stated they invested in BS3 but they're forced to stop it due to year another even more restrictive Russian law it the ultimate proof ED was trying to do their absolute best to make some close to modern Russian module but it's impossible and they ha
  13. Funny post, you show some logical conclusions, but you are not aware of a few things. Especially you do not know how man-hours influence module profitability and it's crucial. 1) ED knows perfectly Apache is going to be a bestseller, but Apache requires absolutely ungodly amount of man-hours hurting it's profitability. 2) ED decided to make a Hind because of few reasons, - it's incomparably less man-hours intensive to make than Apache, - they have absolutely all the information needed including SME - it's still going to sell well, especially in Europe and
  14. Overall tanker overhaul would be great because there is lot things to do and probably it's already in ED "to do" list, just not an immediate priority.
  15. After what happened in Crimea, Chechnya, Donbas and considering ED is based in Moscow we should somehow give up on this map, ED has it's hands tied in this matter. Even if some guys pressing ED it's going to be beating a dead horse. Silverdragon is right. Even if they would try to navigate through this minefield the whole region has such potential becoming "delicate" for Russian government any day they would be forced to remove some another part let's say next yeah. Because who knows. I like Caucasus region but i think they should focus elsewhere, i.e. central Europe/F
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