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  1. Some (many/most) NATOPS options/procedures/functions are not applicable for DCS so use the manual that comes with the module - it's in the module files.
  2. Hello, can we have the same option in F-16 for afterburnet detent like in F-18? F-18 - holding a switch (zero for keyboard keybind) lifts up the detent F-16 - we can just cycle the detent Is there a way I can add my own keybind for this?
  3. You mean, when you are in CCRP and you slew the TPOD, the steerpoint moves aswell?
  4. Thx for help. My code is like: - use F10 menu to check distance - get player - get enemy unit - calculate distance - view it for player It's single player mission and it's working good.
  5. I did something like this: isPlayer = Unit.getByName('unit/pilot name here') if isPlayer then trigger.action.outText("this unit is controled by player", 10) else trigger.action.outText("this unit is not controlled by player", 10) end
  6. Hey, how to get the unit controlled by player (jet, heli, tank). I want to measure distance from player to different objects (bulls, enemy, etc). And there can be many "Client" units in mission, not just only 1 specified one. I didn't found any giveMyUnitNameOrId() function. Should I itarate all coalition units? Or... how to get name or id of the player that used F10 menu command? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, haven't fly in C-101CC for few weeks and today I cannot shot/fire/drop any weapons. (the buttons for guns and bombs pickle was reset in options menu) I've checked: - cold and hot start - master arm ON - fixed weapon switch to AG and cover is up - station is selected - for hydra -> ROCK on MODE selector - for mk-82 -> BOMB and NS/TL selected - optical sight ON The armament panel (top right) is showing yellow arm light. Space and ralt + space doesn't work too I can jettison stations. Any ideas?
  8. I think you changed MSSA and antyalisasing re-run the game should be ok or delete folder fxo and metashaders
  9. Try a shallow dive ( less then 15') and you will be ok
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