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  1. It isn't Friday or Saturday here though ;) So we haven't reached the end of the week :)
  2. Simplay stability has been a top priority for MP (which hopefully transfers to SP) for 1.2.3, besides the dozens of other fixes. My eyes cross from seeing so many crashlogs during testing. We hope 1.2.3 will deliver stability for everyone, including those that wish to host a server. Please be patient and it will come.
  3. "...assuming every issue is because ED had a cat walk across a keyboard at some point during a coffee break while they were hashing out the MP code." That is funny shizzle right thar! I don't care who you are.
  4. degoe we have hit Multiplayer hard and have been striving for the best MP play possible with the current MP code. Be patient and it will come to the community.
  5. "We could say a watched pot never boils... We could say ADD medication makes it easier to wait for.... SQUIRREL! " Does anything else need to be said? We are working hard on the MP issues. Please be patient.
  6. You can only have a small size (as compard to the community) of testers to make it manageable. Releasing it in beta expands the test team by thousands. So we do our work and then the community backs it up with their findings and testers can confirm or find out what the problem is for the community member.
  7. Please evaluate who the troll is right now.
  8. I am a paying customer too! I didn't get anything free. It is a well known fact with Dev's, and I have worked with several that Flight Simmers are their own worst enemy, expecting a pint of blood from the Dev's, along with a bugless game which neither has ever happened!
  9. Flight simmers = Our own worst enemy
  10. A lil birdy told me once that 8+ Gigs of RAM is the sweet spot. Especially with RAM so cheap these days.
  11. Ironic. Matt worked on Janes F-18 which had paratroopers but they didn't show up on the land after the jump, only in the air jumping from the aircraft. In DCS we have the aircraft and the ability to make them show up on land but not jumping from the aircraft :)
  12. The weakness is altitude it is effective at. Fly above 12K and CCRP a bomb on theirs collective heads and that will take them out.
  13. Do you have mods installed to your version of DCS because we fly 4 people in busy missions with hardly any trouble at all.
  14. Another consideration is the direction you have your radars facing. Both HAWK and Patriot have directional radars, meaning they have to be pointed in the right direction to detect targets. Just a thought to consider.
  15. 1.2.3 does not include the Huey or the MIG 21. The team is hard at work on Multiplay issues. Release dates or estimates are just that, estimates. It will be done when they have a stable MP and haven't broke other realms. Relax people. You want a broken 1.2.3 or you want it done right?
  16. Your system specs would help in understanding your problem. Could you please post them so that you can be helped?
  17. I thought it was well known that ECM pods are porked?
  18. Spectre it is still being worked on..........at what stage? Pre Beta as far as anyone on the outside knows. I wouldn't expect it anytime soon as ED has made a new graphics engine for the Nevada terrain called EDGE (Eagle Dynamics Graphix Engine). Up soon will be 1.2.3 patch which you can see the fixes included in it, in these forums (well documented). Good to have you guys back flying again. The community needs experienced veterans, though you might feel like a rookie when you first get back in the saddle. :) I havent' flown since LAN meet in Wisconsin with BBALL and Griff and the Arctic Knights in November so I am having to relearn muskle memory on my stick file.
  19. Close to ordering? What are you waiting for? Money? Yeah that is always a consideration :)
  20. Can this thread be closed? It has beaten like a rented car with insurance. :D
  21. Sorry should have put up the link to the training vid: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/video/wh-training/
  22. AFM for Eagle and Flanker?.........Jest Axin'
  23. That is the point. It disperses the rounds in an area to hit more targets. Matt explains it in the video the same way I am saying.
  24. Turn the PAC off for better bullet dispersal. All in the Video section of the main page for ED. Training video made by Matt on the Big Ass Gun.
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