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  1. I have confirmed this issue is present in 1.2.4 and in our tester builds. I have reported it as a bug.
  2. We are trying to nail this one down. It has been reported and is being investigated.
  3. No sir. It has been fixed and will soon be available.
  4. There are certain aircraft we have identified that are invincible. Stay tuned to your auto updater for a fix in the near future. Known issue.
  5. Known issue and has been reported. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Just because it is out of Beta does not mean that support is being dropped for it.
  7. I believe in combat situations it was recommended less than 5 MPH to fire a TOW with optimal being standing still.
  8. The miss could be the wire breaking or Human error. If you make abrupt targeting changes could cause the wire break. Gunner training is pretty intense. You must be the smarter of the Infantry to be a TOW gunner.
  9. I was a TOW Gunner and Squad Leader in a former life. 75% with the TOW is about accurate and that is for a good steady gunner.
  10. Stand Down Jim. You have walked your post with honor. RIP!
  11. What patch version are you using?
  12. Wait till the first time you answer the door with your Track IR clip on your hat. Or forget to take it off when you go downtown. Good time, good times..........
  13. What she doesn't know won't hurt me...er was that won't get me hurt?!:D
  14. Do you have your CPU or GPU overclocked? I assume we are talking 1.2.4?
  15. You fired a HARM from an SU-25T? Really!?
  16. Change your radio stations? Course then you miss vital information. You need to turn on your brain filter.
  17. Is it just Mavericks that won't load up and everything else is? Make sure you are using the new menu to load your new weapons loadout.
  18. Just a thought, are they missions from a previous version? If so, open the mission in the 1.2.3 Mission Editor and save it. Then try them again.
  19. The devs are waware of the prob but couldn't get it fixed in 1.2.3.
  20. Next up is 1.2.4. Hopefully it will come out much quicker and with some exciting stuff.
  21. Do not gloss this over. I can't stress enough. over 16 in a 400+ unit mission will cause warping. If you go over 400 units then the number in you can host and have stability goes down to 14. Pings will also be important to watch to avoid warping and silliness.
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