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  1. The C model already carrys HARMS in game. 4 of them to be exact.
  2. Alright thanks for the info. It has been reported with supporting evidence, to the right person. We'll see what happens next. Tomorrow I will do some testing on our internal build to see what happens.
  3. I, and I know Mustang will too, keep an eye on this one and test it out every which way we can to try and find a solution to this problem. I am still dumbfounded that after the extensive stress testing we did on Saturday that this bug is still alive. I am truly sorry it survived and will do everything I can from a tester side to squash this MF'r. ;) Was a Correctional Officer in a former life. Stay Safe and watch your six at all times!
  4. Did you do anything at the exact moment you sunk into the Airfield?
  5. Alright thanks. Back to the drawing board. Did you try to repair afterwards?
  6. I am at an utter loss for words. Was this Multiplay or Single Play? Did you try the repair function to see if it was a landing gear collapse (I doubt it because of the perameters you were in during landing)? There seemed to be a glitch and a slight raising of the plane when it settled into the runway almost like a warp. I'll forward this along to the coders and reopen the ticket :shrug:
  7. Au Contraire, it was a priority. Give me the example of what happened, where, how fast, was it repairable, etc. The mission would be kewl to have to so we can try to recreate it. I was POSITIVIE we had this one licked :(
  8. You were incorrect that it wasn't a priority, not that it is a bug. This has been priority for a while and has eaten up numerous man hours tracking down and then fixing. Just because it takes a while to fix doesn't mean it isn't a priority. It just means it is a tough mutha that has to be tracked down so the coders can make it work right. Which is what has happened judging from todays testing.
  9. We just finished up testing for 5 hours and in that time we got good results on the landing gear sinking bug. Hopefully we will see the fix in the next update.
  10. Incorrect. We are working on this bug currently. It is a priority for this weekends testing.
  11. Well there is your answer, the ARM's were being shot down by the SA-19 Tunguska. It is quite proficient at it. That is why your F-16's couldn't do their jobs. Get rid of that Tunguska and the SA-10 will fall soon after.
  12. Just ran a lengthy test with 1.2.4 12741 version and there was no evidence of SA-10's shooting at ARM's or shooting them down for that matter. I think you ran into a S300 site that was protected by SA-15's and SA-19's. They will definitely shoot down ARM's.
  13. Are you sure the SA-10 was not guarded by a Tunguska or SA-15. They shoot HARMS out of the sky quite proficiently. I will investigate further though.
  14. I have reported the KH 25 problem and the SEAD Red side Attack Logic.
  15. I concur, get a DXDIAG up so we can see the details. I fear you are running a 32 bit system.
  16. A2A Missiles are a work in progress. Please be patient with them.
  17. We are aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed in a future update.
  18. We think this is a bug that is related to another bug that has already been reported and is being worked on.
  19. I will forward this link to the testers forum and see who takes it up. I am not versed on the Predator but will try to find someone who is.
  20. AI Invincibility is a known issue and is being investigated so it can be fixed in the next update.
  21. Upgrade to more RAM and if you have enuff left over a new Vid Card would certainly help. Just my two cents worth.
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