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  1. I have finally got the chance to check this out and have reported in the bug tracking for the coders. Thanks for the heads up. Keep them coming.
  2. You shall find out. New update out today. I didn't get a chance to test it as I had personal commitments to attend to. If it is still broken when you try it, let me know and I will report it. Sorry for failing you yesterday.
  3. All in good time people. Let Matt wake up and catch up to the fella's in Moscow releasing this before he could update you. Plus it is update day anyways. Good fixes in this patch.
  4. Then I would submit to you that may be a problem with DCS. Update your Vid Drivers and report back.
  5. I am talking about our latest tester build it is fixed.
  6. Thread moved to Wishlist Thread where it belongs. Thanks for keeping the boards clean.
  7. ATI is known to have performance issues with DCS.
  8. Your telling us you are using Dec 2011 ATI Video Drivers?
  9. I wonder if CBU's or MLRS rockets are going off in the battle zone?
  10. Thanks a lot. It is expensive but so is this damn hobby. Got to be able to have a platform that can test well.
  11. I can confirm this problem has been fixed in the latest build. I just tested it with the Quick Fly Mission with the A10C. Killed two trucks and got credit for them.
  12. Which Aircraft are you flying and getting these results. I just did a test with the A10C and got no credit for kills in my log book. I have reported it as a bug but I need to know if it is happening in other aircraft like Fighters and other air to ground platforms? thanks in advance.
  13. ARM's are a sort of pet project for me. We finally got implemented that SEAD flights won't strafe SAM sites that are live with the proper Advanced Waypoint Command of RTB when Winchester ARMS. It still needs some work but I am working on it with the coders. Stand By to Stand By. My next thing is to get them to fire all ARMS before RTBing. Gimme a chance and the coders will come thru.
  14. Kenan you have obviously never been a part of a reputable Beta Testing Team. All we can do is DL updates and report report report. What more do you want from us: A quart of blood? Our first Born? Jumping up and down and hollering does no good. It was a tough bug to track down the reasons for it being. Hopefully with 1.2.5 you can shut your pie hole about it. Back to your local station programming now.
  15. I think it is funny. :D Standing by to stand by.
  16. Did you log into a server with a high ping rate? Pings are very important. 100 to 200 should be the highest you log into.
  17. You have to choose the SU-25 and place 6 of them individually as Client./Player
  18. It is being worked on guys. It has proved to be a Som Beach to nail down. Stand by to stand by. ;)
  19. Did you open the mission in the ME and save to the current version before trying to play it?
  20. I just conducted a test with 4 F16BLK52's, against a complete SA-10 site in 1.2.4 12913. The SA-10 engaged the first flight of two (the second flight goes back to the first detection circle), at 38 miles with 3 missiles. The F-16's engaged the SA-10 site at 36 miles with 2 AGM-88's. The first flight of two that engaged was eventually shot down due to them trying to press the attack to use guns as I gave them no further missiles besides air to air missiles (issue that has been reported). So everything seems to be just fine. The 2 HARMs damaged their respective targets but did not destroy them (issue that has been reported and being worked on). So the only thing to report to the DEV (which they have already been reported) is the damage model of the Radars and the F-16's trying to press a guns attack when out of ARM's or any other Air to Ground munitions.
  21. I'll do some testing and reporting back to the coder on this issue. 10 miles is way too late unless it is not being engaged. Lets see if we can get a baseline and see what the Dev has to say. I can't tell you what they tell me but know that it is getting attention and being worked on.
  22. I have reported the damage model on SAM Radars is too low when hit by an ARM. I am working with the coder on this issue.
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