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  1. I moved from Redding a year ago to Medford Oregon. Good to see another flight simmer in Redding.
  2. Like new. On eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331327304278?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-i7-4770K-with-Motherboard-and-Fan-/331327016604?
  4. Going on eBay. Thanks to those who PM'd questions and showed interest.
  5. Last Bump. Going on eBay on Monday if it does not sell by then. $325 shipped.
  6. Great gamer setup for single GPU card users. Price drop to $340 shipped. Sells for almost twice that much new. Setup is only 8 months old and a proven performer.
  7. FOR SALE: Intel i7 4770K. Clocks at 3.5 Gig and turbo's to 3.9 Gig. Had it safely overclocked on liquid to 4.2. Didn't try to take it higher. Already mounted to the motherboard. Just needs old Arctic Silver cleaned off. Comes with stock fan. Shipped in 4790K box. See Intel site for details. Republic of Gamers Asus Maximus VI Formula Motherboard. No CD. Can get software off ASUS Site. Middle PCI slot is broken so only the top and bottom PCI slots are usable. I will send the piece that is broken as it may be able to be fixed but I never tried. Shipped in a Maximus VII box. Has Wireless internet capability. See Asus website for complete details. Setup is 8 months old and a solid OC'r and solid Gamer. Used for iRacing, internet browsing, and e-mail. $375 shipped. US ONLY Only sold as a pair. CPU is already mounted to the motherboard. Payment by Paypal. PM Offers please. Want to move this FAST. Combo is over $600 new. Selling for a little more than half that.
  8. Bump for an AWESOME Flight Simming computer. 1 month money back guarantee as stated above. Listening to all offers.
  9. Computer used for Flight Simming, iRacing, e-mail, and web surfing 7 months ago. Runs DCS with maxed out detail at HIGH framerates depending on GFX card. NEEDS GFX CARD: Intel i7 980 3.2 Gig Processor OCable and VERY stable at 4.2 Gigs W/Performance Fan Raptor Velocity 10,000 RPM Hard Drive (I believe it is 750 GB) Xfi Fatality Sound Card 32 GB of RAM X58 Asus Rampage Motherboard Fresh Clean Install of Window 7 Professional. Will install drivers for Hardware prior to shipping 24X CD RW It is a CoolerMaster case with One Fan in back, One in front bottom, and one LARGE one on side panel. 1000 Watt Corsair Power Supply. Logitech G110 Keyboard ASUS External DVD Burner (New. Had to get one because the Windows is on DVD and not CD so it comes with CD Burner ((internal)) and external DVD Burner. Dell 24 inch Monitor 1920x1080(Not sure which monitor but it is beautiful with iRacing and Flight Sims like DCS and Falcon 4) WILL NOT separate the monitor and computer. They go together. WILL ENTERTAIN REASONABLE OFFERS (HINT: first $1200 offer plus shipping will get both) (HINT: Do not have to sell but it is sitting idle for the last 6 months since upgrade to new computer) Will ship overseas but it will cost BIG TIME I am sure. Please PM offers to me. This is an older yet still HIGH END system with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional.(I call it HIGH END because of the HIGH FPS it runs DCS and iRacing). Just needs GFX card. I ran it with dual GTX 680's on maxed out with HIGH FPS. You will not disappointed and am confident enough to offer that I will refund money if does NOT do what I said (If you have at least a GTX 680 or higher GFX card and you OC to 4.2 Gig like I had it). Will not spend money for a month to make sure you are happy with the system. PM me with any offers or questions. Thanks a bunch.
  10. Not that I am aware. It just gets the logbook back to working for Single Play. Maybe someday.
  11. The public version of DCS from Steam is 1.2.5 16497. Don't ask me how to update thru Steam as thank god mine has done it all by itself. I don't know how to manually.
  12. Are you sure you have the correct updated version of DCS? What version are you running? The current public version is 1.2.5 16497
  13. DCS is now open beta so you are already a tester. :D
  14. And Kuky's guess is as good as mine. I haven't had time to test it out in the new build to see if it is indeed already fixed.
  15. We are aware of the Comms problems and they are being worked on as I type (well maybe not as I type but you get the gist ;) )
  16. Has been fixed and I have not seen nor heard any rumblings that it is still present.
  17. If you mean you are not getting credit for kills in your logbook then it has been reported to ED already.
  18. DCS is not capable of rearming and refueling AI. So to answer your question, no you cannot do this.
  19. I have reported the bug to the proper people. It is out of my hands now.
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