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  1. Hey everyone. I have a EVGA 780ti SuperClock FOR SALE. I bought it from Michael Main at Main Performance Computers in a private deal. I have bought from him several times before and have never been disappointed. I bought the card as used and was told by Michael it was lightly used. I bought it for $300 a couple months ago. Received it, took it out of the static bag and inspected it and put it back in. I bought it as a backup but ended up going a different direction. So I am selling it. It is in fantastic shape. I never installed it or used it. As above, I took it out of the static bag to inspect and put it away as a backup.


    Selling price is $225 and that includes shipping for US. I will ship it to you as fast as it will get there for $25.


    If you are international, same price and you pay actual shipping and any other costs associated with international shipping. I will work with you via PM to coordinate shipping costs and times to fit in your budget.


    No Trades Thank You.




  2. It only automatically checks for updates once a day or so. There should be a shortcut in your start menu called "Update DCS World OpenBeta" which will force an update check.


    Did the trick. Thanks a bunch! Been two long years! Now for my worst part of simming..........creating a stick file and muscle memory it! Will the stick file for 1.5 transfer over to 2.0?

  3. Brand New, never been used Linsys WRT 1900 AC. Go to the Linksys site for an explanation of it. I am using one. Bought two and forgot to return one when I moved so now can't return it. Only thing it doesn't have is the installation CD. Firmware and Software can be got from the Linksys site and will be latest anyways. I love the one I have.



    $220something on Amazon and $250 on Linksys site.



    $190 shipped to anywhere in the US. If oversea's.........$200 shipped. Again it is brand new and never used. Wired and Wireless. Comes with everything but the software CD.

  4. There is no such thing as OVERKILL on the PSU. Remember, with a PSU, you can play it forward with subsequent upgrades and such. Buy BIG now and you won't have to buy for years and upgrades later, plus you will have no doubt that the PSU might be a problem. 1000 Watts and you are good for years.

  5. See my setup in my Sig block. Save money by not going TITANS and go with a 970 or there abouts. Also can do with 16 GB of RAM. That is if you want a for sure will run DCS. $1200 in my opinion is a "get by with this" amount. If you don't want to just get by and want to build a computer that will be around for a while then go BIG. $2000 is about what you will need for a computer that you can count on for a while. It will cost big in the beginning but save you money in the long run by not having to upgrade all the time. Just my not so humble opinion.

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