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  1. That is not a structural limit though, that was an operational limit on early F-15As because of the lack of an over G warning system (the beeping the pilot hears at high Gs in the F-15C in DCS). With that its 9G rated, but again this is not a structural/engineering limit, this is purely an operational limit. Same thing with the 6.5 G F-14 limit.
  2. The GIF shows that high Gs break the netcode? Not sure how that is relevant to a FM discussion
  3. Completely false analogy, as we have documentation on how the FCSs work on both jets, and quite simply, the F-15s allows you to hit 12.5 Gs. The Su-27s does not.
  4. because there is no actual FBW to limit it to 9 Gs, but rather a hydromechanical FCS that allows it to 12.5 Gs. The F-15 FCS is well documented No, EM diagrams are not the limit. It simply represents specific lines of excess power and the turns rates generated at specific speed/Ps combinations. You can choose to stick a 9G max on what you calculate your EMs for, but it has no bearing on the actual limit. It would be like saying the F-14 can only pull 6.5 Gs because the EM diagrams stop there
  5. I dont think you realize how the DCS over G blackout works. Once you get above a certain G (I dont know what it is exactly, probably around 8-9 Gs) you pretty much have a fixed time until blackout. Because of the F-15's rapid G onset due to how its "FCS" works, it spends very little time transitioning to that high G, and all that fixed time is spent at the high G. This contrasts to most other jets whose FCS limits rapid G onset as you hit around 9 Gs. So all your fixed time is spent "fighting" the FCS so to speak and hovering around 9 (maybe 10) Gs.
  6. Have noticed the same for a while now. Specifically, being inverted/high bank angle for extended periods seems to stop the radar from working at all in some cases and it will drop trackfiles entirely
  7. except there literally are, just read any of the countless pilot accounts, or the official Gulf War Air Power Survey, all of them mention countless AIM-9 kills.
  8. The JF radar, in game, has a very, and IMO unreasonably, high signal strength. You can see this very obviously on the SPO-15, any JF within like 30nm will completely overwhelm it and show it near max strength. In the DCS framework its ultimately just simple signal strength measuring, and in that aspect its too powerful for sure, the tiny radar just isnt putting out that much power.
  9. Not quite correct; that is how range gated pulse works. PD has one other tool to use, the doppler shift of the returned signal, and that will be = to aircraft ground speed, always. It doesnt matter in PD that 2 signals arrive at the same time, if its inside the notch filter and/or below the noise floor, it will get filtered out. That being said, mountains will likely produce more clutter than flat terrain and require a higher noise floor, which will decrease radar performance/reliability overall IRL, but not for the reason described
  10. Congratulations to the champions, 100 KIAP, and 2nd place, Eclipse Task Force! The fights were very close and intense a fun to watch and fly in! The next event should be in the coming weeks, be sure to look out for it. Thanks to all who participated.
  11. which isnt better than the Sparrow IRL? Considering the sparrow seeker range against a large RCS target like the Flanker will be upwards of 30nm I doubt thats going to be the big factor here
  12. The Flanker didnt get better SARH until the late 80s with the ER, when the F-15C first came out it was R-27R vs AIM-7
  13. The Su-27 doesnt have a CW illuminator though, and the missiles doesnt guide off of a true CW signal. While it is called "discrete continuous CW", its really just a very high PRF STT ultimately.
  14. APG-63 doesnt have CW, it uses HPRF STT + Injected signal for PDI illumination. And the ER is a PD, not CW. And FWIW, the 7F was compatible with both CW and PD. only the 7D/E was CW only
  15. There is no TWS system of the era to compare it to though. All the other TWSs are much newer and built upon the AWG-9s original TWS
  16. SAM, AFAIK, does not auto center elevation as the target manuevers, and if you move the elevation manually it will not stop you from breaking lock LOW MTR has nothing to do with LPRF even if it were modeled, thats referring to the notch filter (MTR = Moving Target Reject)
  17. Leagues: 4v4 Squadron Name: Gryphon Squadron DIscord: https://discord.gg/GbhYp83KPh Contact Person: Maximus#4848, Yaze#1788, Amr#5906, infected#3285
  18. Gryphon Squadron Gryphon 33 | Maximus Gryphon 92 | Dundun
  19. They are, all aircraft are allowed, I just hadnt explicitly added it to the list Just as a general clarification for all: all jets are allowed, but the default mission has just the major ones. If youd like a specific jet thats not on the list, just DM me/ask in the discord
  20. OFFICIAL DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wfhqcM9VkN INTRO Mutual Support is a 2v2 BVR Tournament. Naturally, the smaller team sizes often lead to more aggressive and interesting fights that are focused on solid mutual support. Various editions of it will have various rulesets based on the approximate time era chosen; this edition is 1990s themed. DATE AND TIME This second edition of Mutual Support will start at 1930z on August 27th, 2021. The running time will be no greater than 3 hrs. If this is exceeded, the competition will be resumed one of the the following Saturdays at a similar time, based on the teams preference. Registration ends on August 26th. OBJECTIVES AND TOURNAMENT STYLE Each match is conducted as best of three rounds. The objective is to destroy all enemy aircraft, and keep at least one of your aircraft flyable. The competition is a knockout-style competition, with teams being eliminated after loosing a 3 round match. Time permitting, looser of the first round of fights will participate in a separate championship. RULES A single team may be comprised of as many pilots as desired; however, only two may be used at a time. Only one pilot is allowed to change between rounds (note that for the F-14, changing RIOs is allowed as much as desired). Aircraft types may not be changed between the individual rounds of a particular match. They can, however, be changed between matches. All aircraft are allowed. Mixed fleets of aircraft are allowed (e.g, one F-18C and one J-11A). All spawns are air spawns separated by 80nm. There will be two arena's, so that two matches can occur simultaneously. The competition will be on the Caucasus map. Ping limit of 300 is server-enforced. Lonewolfs are allowed; the pairings are to be decided automatically the day before the matchup, and will stay that way for the tournament. Alternatively, you may decide on the pairings yourselves; in that case, simply state the agreed pairings no later than the 26th. AWACS will be present, but WILL NOT have datalink/EPLRS for link 16 jets enabled! To keep the event running smoothly, I would ask that suggestions/questions be kept until the end of the event, unless they are relevant to/will affect the remaining rounds (e.g, concerns about excessive lag/rubber banding). One squadron may enter up to 2 primary teams. Any further teams will be put on a reserve roster to allow space to accommodate more teams. If a team cannot show up, or registration is not full by registration end, reserve teams will be moved to the primary roster. ECM is allowed. Use of PH/ACT switch outside of 15nm is banned. Use of the following exploits is prohibited: modifying sensor parameters via any means. More Rules TBD. WEAPONS RESTRICTIONS This edition features a roughly 1990s rule set with some exceptions. The BANNED weapons are: AIM-9X, AIM-54A Mk60/AIM-54C, AIM-120C, Nukes. Restricted weapons are: AIM-120B to 8, AIM-54A to 2. COMMUNICATION All team captains (at minimum) must be present on the Mutual Support discord (https://discord.gg/wfhqcM9VkN). Questions about gameplay/balance are to be asked on the discord, and not in this forum thread. STREAMING AND PRIZES There is no anticipated stream as of RN. If you would want to volunteer DM me. There are no prizes, its simply for the fun of it! REGISTRATION Registration format is as follows: [Team Name] Player #1 Player #2 Player #3 ... As an example Gryphon Squadron Gryphon 92 | Dundun Gryphon 14 | Curry There will be a limit of 16 teams. OTHER RESOURCES For those that may be interested, but may not be familiar with 2v2 BVR, the 2v1, 2v2, and Tactical Intercepts of "Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering" are very informative. It is widely available as a PDF online. ========================================== The default/alternate airspawn loadouts are as follows. Slots 1-2 use the default loadout, 3-4 use the alternate. If there are any specific loadout requests, just contact me on the discord: F-14: 2*AIM-54A Mk.47,3*AIM-7MH,2*AIM-9M. F-15C: 8*AIM-120B. Alternate: 6*AIM-120B,2*AIM-9M F-16C: 6*AIM-120B. Alternate: 5*AIM-120B,1*AIM-9M F/A-18C: 8*AIM-120B, 4*AIM-9M. Alternate: 8*AIM-120B, 2*AIM-7MH, 2*AIM-9M Su-27S: 4*R-27ER,2*R-27ET,2*R-73,ECM. Alternate: 5*R-27ER,1*R-27ET,2*R-73,ECM Su-33: 6*R-27ER,2*R-27ET,2*R-73,ECM. Alternate: 4*R-27ER,2*R-27ET,2*R-73,ECM J-11A: 2*R-27ER,2*R-77,2*R-27ET,2*R-73,ECM. Alternate: 4*R-27ER,1*R-77,1*R-27ET,2*R-73,ECM JF-17: SD-10*4, PL-5*2 REGISTERED TEAMS (10/16): ETF [100] KIAP Gryphon Squadron ChaosWizards Harpia ETF Gemini D3W Team 1 JTF 121 D3W Team 2 D3W Team 3 RESERVE TEAMS: None
  21. Squadron: Gyphon Squadron Timezone: EU/US/NZ, 1800-1900z best Maps: Cauc, PG, (most have Syria)
  22. There is no AIM-120A in DCS, and no AIM-120s are allowed in this event
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