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  1. The issue is that you are going on PvP servers expecting people to play by your rules. In this case, not reslotting after getting hit. The fact is, unless the server admins enforce this, theres literally nothing to be done here. And yes, I can go in a PvP server and do w/e I want, within the server rules. I dont have to play by your rules. And to be clear, I dont do this reslotting business, its just being a bad sport. But theres no reason to be blaming HB for it.
  2. I believe this is the doc in question, though I could be wrong (it doesnt list fuel mass directly though): If i'm interpreting this right, the bottom row seems to be total impulse/missile weight. Assuming an Isp of 250s, it gives 133kg propellant mass for the ER, and aroumd 56kg for the R-77, which lines up very closely with EDs values. For fuel fraction, for the ER it would be 0.37, and for the R-77 its 0.32. AMRAAM for comparison is 0.32 for the C, and 0.3 for the B, so not that much of a difference actually.
  3. AFAIK RAZBAM has confirmed AMRAAMs, 9X already, not sure where that info is coming from
  4. According to the missiles_data.lua, the ER uses a boost-sustain motor. Boost phase is 73.5 kN for 3.0 sec, sustain is 14.5 kN for 7.0 sec The missile is probably hitting the sustain phase when it appears to hit this "speed cap", which is the point behind boost sustain; boost takes it up to a certain speed, then sustain "sustains"/slightly increases that speed for a bit.
  5. INTRO Top Notch is a 1v1 BVR Tournament. This is all-out BVR jousting! DATE AND TIME This second edition of Top Notch will start at 2030z on January 23, 2021. Registration ends on January 22. OBJECTIVES AND TOURNAMENT STYLE Each match is conducted as best of three rounds. The objective is to destroy the enemy aircraft, while remaining flightworthy. Flightworthy is defined below: Must clearly be able to sustain (relatively) straight and level flight for at least 30 seconds Must also not be out of fuel after destroying the bandit.
  6. Yep, thats definitely planned. Thread will probably be up in a day or two
  7. After seeing some threads regarding the tomcats ECM trashing AMRAAMs/SD-10s, I attempted to reproduce, and found that it isnt a tomcat thing, but how the AMRAAM interacts with chaff + quick ECM blinking. If you constantly turn ECM on/off, and deploy chaff at the same time, the AMRAAM will get trashed, and behave as if it were notched, and will not reacquire. Now, I know that IRL chaff + ECM would have effects (potentially similar) on ARH missiles, and this could very well be semi-realistic, but that isnt the question here. What I would like to know is this specific interaction, and how its 100
  8. May I ask exactly where AMRAAMs in PvP have an 80% Pk, or even 30% Pk? Certainly nowhere ive been, or in any of our scrims, and thats without chaff.
  9. yes, and thats because they dont use datalink, they simply look for reflected signals
  10. But what if the bandit pilot sneezes and accidentally moves the control stick half an inch and causes a slight flight patch deviation ? What if the wind changes direction by a little bit? What if you fired it 0.5° off of the ASE circle? What if you rolled a bit during launch, and the time the missile took to correct meant that the missile had to make a slightly larger turn to get onto the target, giving it slightly less energy (assuming the missile does this sort of manuever)? Do you really want to instruct pilots to be firing at a range where something like that trashes the shot? There has
  11. According to ED this intended, you are not supposed to be able to relock targets and resend datalink. It doesnt make sense either; why would the radar, upon generating a new trackfile that it has no idea if it is the old target or not, send datalink signals on old datalink channels to a missile launched at, as far as the radar is concerned, a different target (different trackfile = different target from the radar PoV)?
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