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  1. No. If yu do do the math, tripling RCS (such as from 5 to 15m^2) increases detection range by 1.3 times (it goes up by the 4th root of RCS) meaning that if 5m^2 is detected at 48nm (like in game rn, and whats realistic), 15m^2 would be detected at 63nm. And the chart; Carlo Kopp doesnt tend to be a very authoritative stuff like this; unless he sources it treat with a huge grain of salt.
  2. The R/ER has LOAL. Thats been knows since forever. What there is no evidence for is that the T/ET have LOAL. The manufacturers website confirms the R/ER having LOAD, and the T/ET is LOBL: R/ER: T/ET: Source
  3. Tested vs JF-17, range was 55nm in HPRF RWS, coalt. So no change from my end.
  4. ?????????? Another squadron member also confimed its missing for him, even after a repair... this really is weird
  5. howd you get the mass flow numbers? I cant find the missiles_data.lua file anymore.
  6. So, BIAS is the only way to adjust the TWS scan centering in azimuth now?
  7. Same; the missiles_data.lua and missiles_table.lua files (along with all the luas in Scripts/Database/Weapons) are gone. @BIGNEWY@Chizh why were these files removed? They were very useful to find information on missile seekers, motors, etc. Plus it helped in making bug reports, or if you wanted to mod missiles.
  8. ARe you referring to the F-18? Or did any of the FC3 jets get any changes
  9. Exactly how long has it taken for ED to do a CFD for the R-27ER? Yea, I think you very well know that this is simply how ED operates; the MiG-29 radar bug was reported for just at long and it still hasnt been fixed. So yea, no, just stop trolling honestly.
  10. Yes. The notch is always an issue for PD radars. Chaff (in DCS that is) allows you to notch then immediately recommit (which isnt realistic but w/e). Without chaff you have to stay in the notch until the missile flies by else it will recommit
  11. Im assuming a reference to PL-12s, though it doesnt appear that the MKKs carried it until very recently
  12. There is a difference between different RCSs in DCS FC3, ive tested this, and its been tested by others
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