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  1. THANK YOU☺! I was wondering if it had to do with horizon angle, but am so used to the older fighter jets just having the delineations hash-marked on the canopy that I could not accept one physically modeled and suspended from between the wings like that. The link really helped too. ☺
  2. Not knowing what the heck it is, or how to describe it or what its function could possibly be I can find no smart way to ask what the heck it is☺ When you are sitting in the cockpit and you look left there is that odd "Astric" looking thing on a stick protruding from the spar between those left-hand wings... WTH is it and what does it do please☺? I mean, why on the left and not the right, and why wouldn't they even mention the most oddball feature in the tutorials☺? Thank you ahead of time.
  3. Thank you☺. Just took a look around it in Notepad 2. Looks like an interesting thing to try and decipher some day. Well, it is a start. I will do some searches and see what the basics are. You have set me in motion in the right direction. Thank you for your answer☺
  4. First: I LOVE this JET!!! My opinion, this is the BEST DCS aircraft. Bar none. They should take lessons from your team.☺ And 100% FrameRate FRIENDLY! Better framerates than ANY other newer ED aircraft. Just say'n☺. OK, now that that's dealt with properly: When I had the free trial I think it was the F4 key gave me a nice closeup of my jet -Looking back behind the jet. I bound it to my Warthog for watching bombs decimate their targets. VERY Epic☺! But now that I purchased this finest of DCS aircraft the look back key [F4] only sits behind the jet looking forward. That's not looking
  5. Let me try something here and see if it fly's☺: Instead of the answer always being that we investors must yearly upgrade to newer $$$ equipment to stay ahead of the ED engine nerfing 'updates'... And Instead of every year ED making it clear that over 90% of their efforts are going towards Payware instead of optimizing DCS, or instead of completing aircraft that have been in 'early access' comas [some for over 18 months].. Then Would not the smart thing to be for us investors to simply close our wallets and declare, "Hey ED, love the sim. But no more cashflow until the hundred$ each of us
  6. ******************** Thank you. To answer you I have previously posted my RTX2080, Ryzen 5, SSD but then all you get is a slew of guessers offering I should update. If those guesses held merit then my included and often repeated information that I can fly all FC3 aircraft, Harrier, F5 etc without these issues really does supply the need for me not to have to chase the usual 20 "must be your system/specs guesswork", which seeing as I fly all other aircraft well, then no it is not my specs. You see, I thank you for your kind answer. You cared and you tried and I appreciate this.Didn't hel
  7. Honestly I pretty much posted the criteria. It does not matter map, time of day, mission clutter etc. I have posted my rig of RTX 2080/Ryzen 5/SD etc so often that it does not matter because that only 'every-time' stimulates the endless repeat posts from people answering & claiming even this rig is not enough for DCS's ancient single-core code etc.. * Which is no answer to my question to begin with, anymore than grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe.☺ If I fly a mission in ANY FC3 aircraft, or chopper, or F5, or A10C or Harrier [the smoothest performing non FC3 Aircraft I own BTW ] e
  8. No, not really. ☺ I have only been involved with computers since Pong, and CGI FX's startup working every summer block buster since JP. We used many Amiga 4ks at first there. But hey, what would I know compared to you since it runs great for you, right? I mean, that's what I posted right, was asking who's PC ran it great on? I've only worked on ground breaking things for film and games for almost 30 years, so what is my staggering level of ignorance compared to your vast grasp of all things having nothing to do with what I spoke to? Verily I am but a worm and have no right to have posted
  9. Whoa! Well, I thank you for the info. This is sad news indeed for me. the 2.5.6 update was such a horrific drain on my already struggling fps that I had to roll back to 2.5.5 just to fly with much-fewer stutters. So much of a performance hit the 2.5.6 was, that once I rolled back to the 2.5.5 I could turn terrain shadows back on A-N-D have much better fps in VR, thanks to this Shader Mod only☺. But now, now there is simply z-e-r-o chance of my opening my wallet to DCS any more. Not with about $200 of their unfinished/stutterfest aircraft needing finishing and optimization. Sitting on
  10. Ok, let me see if I have a handle on your answer correctly please: DCS patches include updates to the aircraft AND the engine combined,one cannot be updated without the other? If this is what you are saying then there is no way to be able to KEEP my install at 2.5.5 AND also let said modules receive aircraft updates to complete them. Am I stating that correctly please? Thank you for the help.☺
  11. Well, as i wrote I fly ALL the FC3 aircraft, all choppers, and the Harrier [smooth as butter], A10C etc without these issues, so no it is not just my settings. Once again, I can fly smooth in all other aircraft EXCEPT for the also-unfinished and unoptimized F14, F16, and F18 [all ED purchases...]. But then I hop in he Yak and its stuttery low fps... So once again, no, not my settings. One commonality is that the aircraft I own that have these same low fps and stutter issues are all ED aircraft. All still 'early access' even well over a year out. All with other posts declaring them as
  12. *** Hi. So here we are another several months down the road and still the Yak is really not flyable for me. About HALF the FPS of any other jet or chopper I own. All FC3 aircraft, the Harrier, the F86, the P51 etc all run smooth as butter. But the Yak fps are in the toilet. For I think almost 2 years now... Please, is this ABANDONWARE, can I get my money back please, or is there a fix coming this or next year? Just looking for some answers and satisfaction, not looking to offend or fight please☺ Thank you friends.
  13. Flarpt

    YAK-52 FAQ

    Does anyone have ANY info on when the Yak will be finished or optimized please? I still get about HALF the FPS of any other aircraft or chopper with the YAk, and I realy want to just fly and enjoy it and get my money's worth. Any mods or tweaks or info would be very much appreciated. Thank you friends.☺
  14. Flarpt

    YAK-52 FAQ

    Any chance you can share this with me, or is there a download, Ytube vid or something? Looks great!
  15. I don't want WW3 please. I have owned the Yak since release. It still gets about HALF the fps of all other finished aircraft I own. Stutter city too. It is not new anymore by well over a year. I asked this before and the answer was that ED never finished it. Another answer was ED never finished the LODS. Another said it remained un-optimized.... I have no idea what is true. All I know is that I paid good money for the Yak and cannot fly it after I think near 2 years now. Unacceptable. Can anyone provide me help or an answer please, I only want to fly what I paid for. If there is a M
  16. OK I have a question please and I don't know the proper place to ask it without getting hosed. I am flying the 2.5.5 DCS world. I tried the 2.5.6 and it sucked, it sucked hard on fps. So I returned to 2.5.5 and am happy enough. Yaaay me☺! With that understood: * IS it possible for my aircraft modules to update as Ed fixes/patches them [ if ever...] without having to update to the 2.5.6 fps killing garbage update? - If so, then how does this work please? Not trying to upset anyone. I just want to fly and have fun without every single ED update hosing my FPS further and forci
  17. Yes, thank you, no worries. I had gone there to page one, and I did try that very download you recommended. I appreciate it. What I posted later afterwards was how I tried it but the DCS 2.5.6 'upgrade' was just too awful on performance. So I wrote how I reverted back to the earlier Much better flying now☺! I highly recommend reverting back to an earlier version of DCS to anyone as it is so much better as far as VR FPS. An earlier version -plus- this incredible VR Shader mod are a win-win. Using the DCSUpdater Utility to rollback prior to 2.5.6 is key. and made it a snap.
  18. Rats, above link returns a 404 error That's Ok, I thank you for your answer. My posted revert of my install last night back down to is a good enough solution for me for right now. Took a few hours to make happen, and I flew for 30 minutes after. Typical. I feel that if it was not for the MOD community DCS would simply not be playable for most. If anything ever made my DCS preform better this entire last decade then it came from the mod community. I am very grateful to all you modders☺! With ED finally posting clearly now [[Reddit article]] that they are dedicated to paywa
  19. If this helps anyone here's my happy ending and the route to it: Like most of us my updating to the killed my performance in VR, and I saw zero graphical improvements. Once Again ED's update seems to be for Youtube-Sales promotions as opposed to bothering improving any form of performance... Just to run I had to disable shadows. And it really sucked. I enjoyed a smoother gameplay but no shadows killed it for me rather quickly... To go from shadows to no shadows was almost the equivalent of going from VR back to flatscreen... Eeeeesh! So here's how I fixed things to run better☺.
  20. ******* Yep, I have this installed with the latest update, and it is several steps backwards as usual as far as performance. I had to disable terrain shadows entirely just to get close to the smooth performance I once had with terrain shadows in the + shadrermod of Runs well now, just without ground shadows.. So, if I heard ANY news of this awesome shader mod being updated to make the current DCS run better then I would not spend the weekend reverting my DCS version back down to the older and much smoother running Does any
  21. Is there any way to find out if this awesome shader mod will be updated to help the current version of DCS to run any better? I ask as if this is the end of this shader mod then I am planning to revert my DCS install back to the former where I was able to have terrain shadows enabled, whereas in the latest crappy 2.5.6 update, it runs so stuttery I had to disable all terrain shadows to smooth things out. Thank you
  22. I am so thankful for this mod. Seriously. ED could have done something like this anytime in the last 3 years at the very-very least. Simply outstanding quality of life enhancements here now. I have NEVER had DCS running so well as right now. I am actually afraid to update or change any one little anything at all☺. I am one grateful PC Pilot. Thank you for the hard work and I look forward to updates and info shares here and will check back often to learn more about this mod and how to better do things with it in effect.
  23. Thank you. In the process now.☺ Any chance if we have news on IF/when this incredible shader mod will be updated to include/fix the current please anyone?
  24. Not sure what I am looking for to be honest. I am familiar with all these but not sure what is best due to so many different opinions now. OK, Am I boned or is it a possibility for me to somehow revert my DCS back to without it taking 10 hours of redoing everything from scratch? OR Is this awesome shader pack going to update to fix/improve whatever crap DCS version did to mess everything up? Thank you for the help friends☺.
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