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  1. Lol, time compression to and from the fence-in / fence-out. I’m a private pilot and airplane owner and I’m trying to free up more time for real world flying this year, less time simming.
  2. I also own this one, and it's a great first-person history of the F-14. Lots of great stories from the crews that flew the Tomcat over the years, and some good footage as well. I'm also not associated in any way with the production company, just figured I'd second the recommendation as I think most F-14 enthusiasts would really enjoy this one.
  3. Zone 5 is easily the best campaign released in DCS to date. A few high points: - The air combat, for the first time in DCS, feels realistic. Each of the engagements is a quick flurry of action, lasting no more than a couple minutes. One of my big complaints in most DCS campaigns is the "air quake" feel of combat... one player vs. the world in engagements that seem to be 1 vs 8, with the action lasting for 20 minutes. This really isn't how nearly any modern engagement has played out. - The treatment of the built-in comms is awesome. I love the checklists and readbacks, t
  4. Just discovered Liberation, and man, it’s a game-changer. Quick question... I started an invasion of Iran scenario... in the briefing, radio freqs for awacs and others aren’t showing. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. I hate to chew up more space with this topic, but man, I'm struggling. I spent about 30 min yesterday testing various ways to employ the Rockeye family (CBU-99 & Mk-20) successfully, mainly against trucks. On the Nevada map, I dropped CCIP in singles, pairs, from various burst heights (900, 1200, 1500, 2200, etc) and scored maybe 2 kills over about 30 bombs dropped. The drops were on the money from about a 30 degree dive each time, usually from about 7k AGL. The dispersion pattern was consistently really tight (way too tight) and there was basically no use in trying to use the Rock
  6. A repair did the trick. Awesome campaign! Really nice work! There's something really satisfying to the stick & rudder flying of the F-86. A nice change from the modern jets.
  7. Hi all, For starters, this is a great, truly top-notch campaign. Really enjoying it. I’m enthused to start the air war, but on mission 7, as soon as I enter the cockpit by clicking “fly”, the game completely freezes and doesn’t respond to anything. Anyone else having this challenge, or have any solutions? I’m running the latest open beta. Thanks
  8. I thought I saw something where a number of the F-16 bugs were planned for a hot fix for today. Did I totally make that up? Serious question, not being snarky. Thanks
  9. Back on topic, where are these pics of F-14Bs or Ds launching in afterburner? I can honestly say I’ve never seen one, can’t wait to see his proof.
  10. Dude, tell him to show you a pic of an F-14B launching from the catapult in afterburner. He won’t be able to. He’s going to give you a bunch of A models, which are easily distinguished from the B. If you need help deciphering the A from the B, post the pics here and I’m sure you’ll get some help.
  11. Hi Kaba, I’ve tried both the cold start and hot start versions. I’m using the latest open beta, updated on Friday. Thanks!
  12. Hi All, I seem to be having an issue with the Cage the Bear campaign. After starting mission 1, I'm immediately dumped to the map screen (the "F10" screen). I hit F1 over and over to no avail (yes, the key is functional and yes, it is mapped to cockpit. I haven't changed anything about the campaign and I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help appreciated! Dave
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