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  1. Me too. I learned a whole bunch basically transcribing a manual that I didn't know before cracking it open.
  2. It doesn't waste tanks. If you remove tanks (or any weapon or liquid or airframe) they go back into warehouse. Edit: Having trouble returning airframes to warehouse in single player, MP works tho.
  3. There is a whole side of NATO radio communications you don't see in DCS. Have Quick is a type of radio communication where the frequency used is changed several times per second. Users on the same "net" are using the same pattern of frequency changes so they can remain in communication. Others which are not using this pattern perceive this signal as essentially useless noise. To be in contact with someone else on a HQ net you need three things: World of the Day (WOD) Time of Day (TOD) Communications Channel (Net) WOD is a password expressed as 36 digits wh
  4. That's all the same button. It's by your left knee and recages Shkval, deselects all weapons (except cannon), and returns you to the original navigation mode. "Button Targeting mode reset"
  5. Yeah, probably a leftover when boat actually changed missile polarity. China forward short row is entirely screwed up like it was pasted from something else. HUD change LSS FOV? A-A's entry looks like it should be HUD's entry (shot Maverick video/ SOI to Maverick). Mav's entry is for the AIM-9. Dunno what HMCS's is but there's no FOV to change. I'm guessing HMCS B/S is wrong too. If it were me I would redo the entire table and put both stick and throttle on the same page while stripping down the SOI-based table to only the context-sensitive commands. Speed brake, microp
  6. Efforts into documenting carriage and employment of weapon are different people, different times, different goals. Builder of airplane is working with a government that doesn't really know what is possible or a good idea. Is this airplane going to hold 6 bombs or 2? Well we'll leave open the potential in our design that it can do either. Oh now they are smart bombs? Hmm, we'd have to completely redesign the wiring harness to accommodate that so we'll leave it potentially possible but until customer says for sure they want it let's not develop it or add weight/complexity/time into t
  7. The idea of boresight mode is you're calibrating where the airplane thinks the missile is pointed to where the missile is actually pointed. So you lock up a practice object and notice hey, the HUD wagon wheel is not over the object. You engage the calibration mode and nudge the wagon wheel around until it appears visually on the HUD matching the picture as seen through the MAV display. Thing is the missiles start perfectly calibrated to start so there's no real reason to adjust the boresight. There's another feature of a similar name that lets you set the "home" position when the
  8. Weird, ground-based TACAN should be rock solid. The airborne stuff can get kinda goofy in DCS sometimes. If you have an short tracks of TACAN difficulties I'm curious to see them.
  9. Interesting. That would explain the closer distances. TACAN position is defined inside the airplane data so it knows the station elevation. That ~6kft would be an intentional feature. What I don't understand is why TACAN would have the extra height at end of descent and waypoint would not.
  10. In the real airplane the ADI steering bar is not connected to the COURSE SET knob. In DCS it is so it's doing a comparison of course set so it's only valid when the course set is set to the inbound course of the ILS localizer. This is an old lack of feature that never made it in the sim.
  11. I think it's well established that the F-16 can carry four HARMs. It just can't fire them. If you want to transport four missiles that can be done.
  12. It's not necessary. The Maverick won't attempt track until TMS is pressed and released so it's fine to press-release TMS to ground the EO VIS box and then slew over target and then press-release TMS to command track. Certainly it's not helpful to press-and-hold for the initial EO VIS box to ground. There's no value there. I can see it being slightly helpful to hold TMS while slewing because then you can react quickly to command track by simply releasing TMS instead of press-release which takes slightly longer.
  13. It's been fixed. It used to count down to descent. E.g. you are 100 miles away and it would count down 70, 69, 68, 67, 66... as you approached. Now it is static 30, 30, 30, 30. On the other topic it makes sense that the calculated range for descent will be constantly updated as the airplane changes altitude and it does in DCS. This is helpful to track your descent that you're on schedule and almost certainly how the real airplane functions.
  14. Not sure if it should be the same for both modes but currently TCN and WPT descent guidance is giving different distances with TCN having the steeper approach. In example track waypoint and TCN are colocated. WPT guidance is 30nm while TCN guidance is 24nm. F18WPTTCNDescent.trk
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