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  1. Hey there, tried looking around here and in Reddit but couldn't find an answer. I want to change the AV8B livery so that anything I do (SP, MP) I start with the livery I want without having to select or go through the editor. Ah and I also want my wingmen to use it. I have read about the need to modify a "description.lua" file which however I can't find for the AV8B. Any way I can do it ? Thanks !
  2. My personal opinion is that the Harrier has still some issues, but it is not that much worst than, say, the F18. What makes the experience horrible in SP is mixing Harrier peculiarities (VTOL, Tarawa) with long standing DCS problems (AI) which should be addressed by ED, who probably doesn’t care because Harrier it's not their product and anyway they have much more issues to address impacting more modules before focusing on a single Razbam aircraft. This alone makes the Harrier experience worst than the one with other modules, because the F18 AI is anyway able to take off and land on Supe
  3. Hey there. I love the Harrier. It is my favorite module, especially when taking off and landing from Tarawa. But I play in SP, and unfortunately this complicates a lot things. After having done most of the usual SP campaigns, I have started using dynamic content such as DCE or Liberation. Those can and should be fun, the problem is that the status of the whole DCS AI make things worst for the Harrier than any other module, at least in my experience. AI wingmen can’t take off from Tarawa unless they don’t have weapons loaded. They can’t land. And they often end up burning fuel mu
  4. Hey there, used this campaign long time ago... is there now the possibility to fly air to air missions ?
  5. Great ! And thanks for replying, by the way...
  6. Hey there, now that the Tarawa spawning problems seems to be fixed, any chance to update the AV8B campaigns to start back on the Carrier ?
  7. I hope so. The Harrier had suffered from various problems in spawning on Tarawa since forever... and it seems that this depends on ED breaking stuff that Razbam can’t fix, and ED neither as the Tarawa it's not theirs. Or at least there is no other way to explain why the Harrier can’t correctly spawn on the Tarawa since eons.
  8. Thanks ! Exactly what I was looking for ! Well... it would be perfect if Jester wouldn’t need me to tell him what to do, but it's much better than doing nothing !
  9. I always thought about the F14 as an A2A platform, and I love to learn it and use it as this in DCS. While going through the training missions etc, so far I've refused to do A2G missions, and I'm skipping it within the DCE campaign I'm progressing in. It's not that I'm against A2G: I love the Harrier or the F18 and I'm learning and doing A2G on those aircrafts... but I find myself refusing the idea of doing A2G with the Tomcat. I have this weird idea (too much Top Gun...) that even at the time, ground pounding was an A6/A7/F18 business, leaving to the F14 the A2A task, and maybe going
  10. Thanks for the infos: I was hoping Jester could use DL infos as a normal player and leverage on it to establish contacts/locks without needing player input/micromanagement (obviously assuming player pilot is steering the aircraft to allow for it) but it seems my expectations were a bit too high :-)
  11. One thing that could help would be to get a general direction about expected Jester behavior, so to avoid reporting false issues. I’ve often got into similar situation to the OP. My aircraft is pointing at the enemy aircrafts, I even see DL symbols on my display, but Jester can’t get a lock, or even target those DL contacts. Now, my expectation would be that a RIO, and so Jester, would be able to see those same DL contacts and target them by using the radar, obviously if I am pointing the F14 to those same contacts. But it often doesn’t happen, and so I am not sure if this is a bug I
  12. Will try with TWS Auto and see if I get better results... So far even switching between RWS/TWS didn't brought consistent results. And BTW, I assume Jester (or a RIO) should be able to look for those Target by himself, as we already get the contacts from the E2...
  13. Hey there, I wonder if there's any way to have Jester "using" DL contacts to search and lock targets. I'm using DCE campaigns (Tomcat over Caucasus) but I assume it's the same also in other missions: I get DL targets on the display, but Juster often seems not to see it or use it, even when they are in range. I understand Jester has some limits and shouldn't see what is not "visible" by the radar, but if there's an E2 assisting, I also assume a RIO should be able to use DL information to search and find targets. Is there any specific command or "best practice" I should use to be sure t
  14. Looking forward to it: the sooner, the better !
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