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  1. "One of the most recognized aircraft in the world, the Consolidated PBY Catalina not only served in the U.S. Navy, but also with the air arms of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands and the Soviet Union. The PBY was involved in almost every major operation in World War II, and figured significantly in defeating the U-boat menace in the Atlantic." Would be the first 'flying boat' to DCS Yesterday, it just hit me and I tried to land the new Tank Killer on Lake Genezareth :pilotfly: ... of course I crashed & bured - no sorry, drowned :music_whistling: It woul
  2. shu77 you are right - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taftanaz_Military_Airbase "Taftanaz was a home to two squadrons of Mil-8/17 Hip helicopters") - I applied the change Maybe we get a short runway - like 800 m - just for fun :doh:
  3. Request for Comment: With the .png map found, Wags's list of airports (thanks Wags :thumbup:) and a lot of google, I put all the airports on a google map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1d71yBXPG4EYsS6hjwWpctczplqC8BED9&usp=sharing) Please feedback to me any mistakes, oversights or else :pilotfly: Maybe there is some pilots out there (like me) loving to explore the aerea - navigate and visit all airports. Fantastic map from what I have seen - Thanks Ugra Media - youre artists! Have fun and start planning Harry
  4. Trying to use the com part in a MiG-15 - no chance to talk to the ATC. If anybody can help - it’s much appreciated! Also, I can find no reference in the manual regarding communications. Looks to me as the NS 430 (still) cannot be used for communication. Please comment.
  5. tried a lot - what worked for me finally was NVIDIA Surround with a single display over all 3 screens (3 times 2560x1440 = 7680x1440) or 3 times the max your monitors resolution - then select 3 screens in DCS and the same resolution - when this is working you might try a 4th screen (would not recommend as you need all the GPU power for the 3 screens) / the aspect ratio should be calculated automatically - else use 7680 divided by 1440 = 5.333333 I found that hardware is the key to smooth flying / currently I use 2 GTX 1080ti with an SLI HB bridge / overclocking with MSI Afterburner and
  6. same here - the lights turn dark instead of bright - also NAV & Taxi/Landing lights dont work anymore in my sim - anybody else too?
  7. What helped me to downgrade the DCS World (stable) version: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053 Thanks to SkateZilla - fantastic work! :thumbup: Now law and order has returned to my taxiways :pilotfly:
  8. After installing MSI Afterburner, the cards are under the control of the software and 'till now the GUI did not freeze up on me anymore - I edited some missions - no freeze so far - lets hope for the best :pilotfly:
  9. Open Beta – a few releases back the problem started and got worse with every release. At first the ratio of freezing between the stable version and the openbeta was 1:10 – now its 50:50 Has anybody seen this behavior? I tested a lot and found the following to be the case with my installation: 3 screen setup (2 x NVIDIA 1080ti with SLI HB) 7680x1440 - Freezing up all the time - Sometimes a crash report is possible – last sent 29.05.2020 at 16:45 CET - Most of the time the PC must be rebooted 1 screen setup (2 x NVIDIA 1080ti with SLI HB) 2560x1440 - No fre
  10. now it's moved over to 2.5.6 of the stable version - sad :music_whistling:
  11. Open Beta - latest upgrade: Planes simply crash into any obstacle or plane - even your own waiting in line to enter the active runway
  12. TACAN works - but no plane - also static object not visible
  13. same here - strange Nevada - great - FPS in the upper 40s Persian Gulf - good - FPS in the upper 30s Caucasus - bad - FPS in the lower 20s and stuttering badly - with some planes (like the L-39C) it drops into the lower 10s :( Please look into this - Thanks
  14. Latest beta / Caucasus / F-5E Custom NDB beacon on a Russian Mobile Command Post at 355.50 sends the message (beep..bebeep...) - after the first time talking to ATC (like 'permission to start-up') the beeps are gone - the NDB stops working. I did not test other maps/planes 005 Senaki-Kolkhi - Gudauta.miz
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