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  1. Track from Same mission Here is my Track from the same mission , I have never seen anything like this. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QaghDvPtn7wg9vEBngB57v5-4m80SJKk/view?usp=sharing
  2. Anybody on blue want to switch to a huey?
  3. So if any of the blue side guys that are flying want to get together and game plan, feel free to hit me up either here or on Discord. Thinking sometime Saturday.
  4. VCVW-11 Entry Hawkeye VCVW-11 Blue VCVW-11 United States Ping: 180ms 1. F-14B (RIO) - Hawkeye 1. F-14B (Pilot) - Zeroskill 2. F-16 - Waterboy 3. F/A-18 - Cletus 4. F-16 - Vibe 5. F-16 - No Joke 6. F-16 - Shotgun
  5. The way it works is that each engine supplies hydraulic pressure to esch system, flight side is controlled by right engine and combined is controlled by the left. If either side falls below 2100 psi the bi directional pump will automatically kick on to try and maintain hyrdauilc pressure and keep the system operational. If the pressure falls below 500 psi for more than a few seconds it will turn the pump off. The backup mod kicks on if both systems fall below 2100 psi . The landing gear has a pneumatic emergency blow down if the handle is pulled out and lowered. The flap handle has a emerge
  6. If i was to buy right now , it would be the new Ryzen, The processor is equal if not better to the Intels and you get the PCI-E 4.0 upgrade if you get the new motherboard with X-570 Chipset, pricewise you cant beat it and intel will be struggling to keep up. And AMD has kept the same socket for 3 generations now which is awesome, this will probably be the last year of the AM4 but still i like where they are going with it.
  7. Spicemans newest video for y'all that want to learn more about the radar.
  8. That's what those missiles were designed to do, the Hornet has a lot of toys that the Tomcat doesn't, the phoenix isn't a magic bullet and it can be defeated
  9. Kind of curious what you are basing that the F-14 Flight Model is an exaggerated mess. The F-14 is unlike any other plane DCS has offer. It is very hard to compare this aircraft to anything else you have flown in DCS. Having worked on the F-14 for many years and talking with several of the SME pilots that Heatblur used, the flight model is pretty accurate, and will continue to be tweaked as early access continues, but everything about this plane is pretty realistic so far, tjere will be bugs here and there and adjustments will be made but from this F-14 tech's point of they have done a hell
  10. Yes it should be in the up position
  11. Yeah sometimes you have to cycle the liquid coolong switch on a hot start
  12. You going to be there the whole weekend or just the 7th?
  13. That is how the aircraft was designed in real life
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