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  1. Tested it, locking occurs with realistic ASP turned off. I believe it's also a function of having 'experimental features' ticked. But I can't be the only one that prefers it this way. Being able to 'walk' it onto the target is a huge help.
  2. So how did that weekend go? Any update to this issue in the last twenty days?
  3. Is this at night? I am having the same problem at night. Multiplayer door gunners are not engaging, but co-pilot engages just fine.
  4. I gotta agree on textures, the MI-8 goodies pack featuring the roughmetal textures and improved crosshair is a great start, but it needs much more on top of that. I, too, would pay for a graphical upgrade to my second-favorite Helicopter in DCS (first being the Huey).
  5. In regards to "Why not just keep it on all the time", remember that it affects your allies, too. So if you're in the lead of a group, and you turn on jamming; they're getting your jamming as well. Only aircraft that can specify forward/rear jamming like the JF-17 can keep it on constantly. This does not affect the F-18, F-16, etc. But it does affect the F-15C and other FC3 aircraft. It's extremely annoying trying to intercept something just to have some guy not even involved in the fight blind TWS because he didn't turn his jammer off.
  6. That is not the case and I have several replays of ground units clipping into the ground and then destroying themselves by attempting to fire explosives. EDIT: I should warn you though, all of them are 400-500 megabytes in size and happen near or at the end of a 4 or 5 hour play session.
  7. Desync is a HUGE problem for combined arms. Just now I had a TOW humvee clip into the ground and kill itself when it tried to shoot at a target right next to it.
  8. Whew, you guys are getting that far? I got as far as the order saying "waiting for payment", but it won't even prompt me to open a Paypal window to pay it. The site just stops when I click 'pay order'. That's pretty impressive. I've never seen the store crash before, even during the Hornet EA sale.
  9. The Mig-29 does have an SAS system which does require alignment, roughly ~2 minutes after startup, any startup, including after complete shutdown. You can tell because a red light will blink on your annunciator panel which states that it is aligning. When it is almost aligned, it will extinguish and the 'Damper' light on the autopilot panel will start to blink. After that light is solid green, then you're ready to taxi and take off. Without this SAS system, you get about the behavior you're describing as it will have no basis on which to control or trim the aircraft for you. If this happens,
  10. I'm having a studder issue as well, but it seems to be a consistent problem. I was wanting to know if this is the same problem that I was having. Every fifteen or so seconds, my game, CPU and GPU usage will stop. This stop only lasts roughly a half second, but it happens consistently every 10 or 15 seconds. I have found that there is a RAM clearing utility which does work some of the time in clearing 'standby' RAM. This clears the studders completely, but I do not know if this is just a coincidence or the cause of my problems. Everything else about DCS is perfectly smooth aside from th
  11. Auditor

    F-15E UFC poll

    Which one do you have the most information for? That's the factor that I would use as a determination. Not people's opinions on if they like analog or digital. EDIT: Also if you already have the analog model finished, don't listen to a poll on a forum and throw it out. Just give the analog version and tell people to get used to it. Please don't go backwards on progress to satisfy a forum poll full of people who probably don't know which one they wanted, anyway.
  12. I have to +1 the NS430 suggestions, as far as I'm concerned it is the Mig-29s navigation system.
  13. This is about what it should be. The SD-10 was never meant to overtake the C-5, it's less effective, theoretically, than the earlier C revisions. How ineffective is anyone's guess. I would say it's probably in the ballpark now, and should either be restored to pre-last patch values (Still would be within values for this variant for the C-5) or stay like this. I think the biggest buff people are noticing is that Active Radar missiles (which includes the SD-10 and R77) have had their terminal guidance "Seizure" problems resolved. Which actually does greatly inc
  14. I've been having a similar TGP problem where the TGP alignment is way off the HUD marker, I believe it to be related to the Pressure settings bug, but also something else may be afflicting it. Occasionally it will point the opposite direction of my steerpoint. Full alignment all the way down to 6; I've read the manual.
  15. I'm glad you're doing this, but as a heads up: I'm not sure how much can be said that hasn't been already been said. This happens to 120's, Phoenixes, and R-77s as well.
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