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  1. Is there any archival documentation or primary source on actual MiG-21 Tactics against BLUE forces? I'm having difficult finding anything other than US after action reports which are more about how they preformed than how the opposing forces did. I've seen anecdotal mentions of 3 aircraft "traps" being set, and radar/terrain shenanigans but nothing official.
  2. Shot in the dark here, and if the answer is "NO NEW MISSILES GO, AWAY RAKKIS", then so be it BUUUUT..... SOME kind of A2G Anti-Radiation Missile would be REALLY nice to have on REDFOR DCS. MiG-21bis began production in 1972. Kh-25 (NATO AS-10 "Karen") entered service between 1973 and 1975 and includes an Anti-Radiation variant (NATO AS-12 "Kegler") Kh-25MP and Kh-25MPU. Originally equipped by MiG-23BN, MiG-27 and Su-17M, according to the non-primary source but HIGHLY reputable Janes it "has been cleared for carriage on the MiG-21 'Fishbed', MiG-23 'Flogger', MiG-27 'Flogger', MiG-29
  3. The thread we discussed it in was deleted and Doc (I think) never DM'd me.
  4. I think theres a line between ALL AIRPLANES STICK and ALL AIRPLANES ROLL that needs to be a little greyer. There are varying degrees of "Prepared grass strips" @85th_Maverick, respectfully you're a little incorrect in your description of prepared grass. Most regularly maintained or professionally developed grass strips have either a packed clay or gravel base beneath the topsoil to "harden" the landing surface, careful consideration has also been given to drainage and a crown is usually grated into the runway for this reason. Historically Marston Matting (a perforated steel mat capable of inte
  5. I like the views, but screenshots are not "News".
  6. Hiromachi, Status check on the status check?
  7. Hiromachi just said he would work on a news update last week Brother.
  8. And the Kiowa.... I'm wondering if they're ALL waiting for 2.7. Which if so cool, but like.... tell us.
  9. No, there's a social contract to a certain extent. Once you're at a point where you've announced, in tandem with ED, get a spot on the official forums, start posting regular updates, streams, screenshots etc etc, you become soft obligated to provide news those who have in turn soft pledged to buy your project. Is there a REQUIREMENT for them to tell us whats happening? No. Is there a certain understood RESPONSIBILITY between producer and purchaser to do so? Yes.
  10. This seems the correct take on the situation, I hope PC reads it and takes it to heart. I also think we're seeing the beginnings of a new DCS Microcosm. ED has stated in the past that they plan on adding Technicals to the AI Assets, RAZBAM is actively working on Super Tucano, officially announced Pucara, and teased OV-10 Bronco, this is all in addition to already in airframes like Gazelle, Huey, and C101 and L-39. All of this points to potential serious COIN operations opening up in the near to mid-term future. It will be a nice contrast to A-10 Tank Busting or F-Series JSOW Delivery from
  11. I'm pretty sure this is correct and I know for a fact that IJA Oscars were often mistaken for Zeroes.
  12. Pretty much this. I think Boeing in concert with 160th SOAR issued an emphatic LOLNO.
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