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  1. Does the software you're using sync the switches when you load into an aircraft the same as way the "Synchronize cockpit controls with HOTAS controls at mission start" option works? Thank you kindly for offering to help! I think, however, that this only works because the F/A-18 is a newer module and there are "off" bindings for all the switches? If I have that wrong, please correct me because I'd love to be wrong! My main bird is the P-51 and there is no option for "Battery off" for example.
  2. Hello all! I have recently built a simple button box using a Leo Bodnar board and was disappointed to find that I would have to edit the .lua for every switch in every aircraft that I want to be able to control with toggle switches. Why doesn't DCS allow for toggle functionality out of the box? What's more, older modules don't have the option to use rotary encoders for knobs but instead require potentiometers. Worse yet still, some knobs lack any bindings at all and can only be manipulated via the mouse wheel! ED, given that you have slowed down your release cycles, can you please take the tim
  3. For what it's worth, I do have a force feedback stick and you do feel the trim adjustments. I modified a Microsoft Sidewinder in a very similar fashion to the one . In my first post I referenced the fact that the current behavior penalizes my effort of having built the pedestal assembly but it's more accurate to say that my force feedback stick is what suffers as a result of it. Despite the fact that the knob is 1:1 in size and one full turn yields full trim in either direction, because the in game knob turns so slowly, you can easily over trim which causes a serious deflection in the stick
  4. Thank you for your thorough reply! While three people does not a consensus make, it would seem that DCS may miss the mark when it comes to realism on this particular issue. Your post got me thinking, does the ability to trim one's aircraft quickly confer any unfair advantage in a competitive environment? As that is the only circumstance under which I would wholeheartedly expect Eagle Dynamics to draw the line at. In real life, trim is no more than a quality of life feature for level, coordinated flight. A means to reduce pilot fatigue. For my money, the imposition of this delay in trim undermi
  5. Thank you for your reply! The thinking goes that, because the trim tab is connected to a series of pulleys, it cannot be instantaneously turned. I can believe that and not having turned one myself I cannot attest to how realistically DCS simulates this. Even so, the Spitfire elevator trim does not have such a delay and I can't imagine the mechanism being that different from the P-51 (pulleys, bellcranks, etc.) So in this way, DCS is inconsistent. Also, I would less frustrated if it only prevented large movements from happening instantly but I feel that even small corrections take too much tim
  6. Hello all! I have constructed a replica left pedestal assembly from the original factory drawings and I find that the trim delay actually penalizes the effort I've gone to to build it. For what it's worth, I don't wish to engage in a debate about realism. I would be tremendously grateful to whoever can point me in the right direction because my own digging around in the LUA didn't yield any results.
  7. Are you able, like Goblin, to correct for the tilt? I wonder if his ability to do so is related to the Oculus. Would you like to see it corrected if ED were willing to address it? It's nice to know that I am not the only one who sees it but maybe I'm the only one bothered by it!
  8. I really appreciate your reply! I'm sorry it took me a few days to get around to saying so, I kinda forgot about the thread for precisely the reason you pointed out "I wouldn't expect to see anything done with it anytime soon (if ever)." Goblin's ability to shift his view in the pitch axis has piqued my curiosity. I wonder if anyone else would feel there was value in being able to shift their view, in any module I mean, in VR or otherwise.
  9. I recently RMA'd my Pimax and have had the opportunity to test this on my Vive. I can verify that on standalone DCS 2.5.6 with SteamVR I cannot adjust my view through the pitch axis using the Vive. I would like to ask ED, is the ability to do so on the Oculus due to the way DCS World works with Oculus or is it something inherent to Oculus and/or Oculus software? I confess that this problem irks me perhaps more than it should. I don't find it nauseating or disorienting, just immersion breaking. I am tremendously grateful for any and all feedback, thank you!
  10. Pimax 5k+ but I first observed this phenomenon on my Vive and I don't remember being able to correct for it. I will be RMAing my Pimax soon and therefore using my Vive again for awhile, I can check then. I am running the non-Steam version of DCS but I use SteamVR when running DCS in VR. Considering that you're using a Rift, I wonder if that accounts for the difference in behavior you and I are observing?
  11. Are you using the "recenter VR headset" found in UI layer to achieve your desired eye point? That's how I set my eye point and for me the only translations of head movement achievable are in the dimensions labeled here as 4, 5, 6, and 9. I cannot get the view to rotate through the pitch axis, label 8, via this means.
  12. Thank you so much! You are a real asset to this community. I don't know why, but this module in particular has captured my imagination. It has never been enough for me to simply memorize the order of operations without understanding the whys and wherefores, but for some reason I find myself digging even deeper than usual with the Mi-8. I will no doubt have more questions as I try to wrap my head around the electrical system but I am deeply grateful to you and all the subject matter experts who are willing to help people who have never been inside a real helicopter get better at flying virtual
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate my problem! It looks as though your image is on Normandy so I decided I would check to see if the map could be having any impact on the perception of the horizon. Unfortunately the phenomenon remains. I took a screenshot inside the Tomcat to illustrate the difference. The most telling difference is the sky is a perfect rectangle in the Tomcat screenshot whereas the sky in the Mustang screenshot recedes to the left. Again, the truck looks as though it might roll away! I also included a screen grab from a flight chops video that I think
  14. I know this is an old thread but it seems like any and all information on the electrical system and its workings belong in the thread entitled "How it Works: Mi-8 Electrical System"! My question (one of perhaps many) is this, when I set the wafer selector to battery 1 or 2 should the DC voltmeter show a charge even if neither of the batteries are switched on? That is the current behavior (pardon the pun). The full start up recommends testing for voltage drops by first switching on battery 1, setting the wafer selector to battery 1, and then turning on the fuel booster and then doing t
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