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  1. Nice job again Barti ! ...but I have to agree with Taz. Pics too livid/pallid. Should be VIVID. We are talking about Spring now. About the 2nd most colurful season (1st is Autumn) but the 1st living-bright-greeny season is Spring. (Barthek's "Spring" images on the previous page seems like a wet-rainy-summer-season to me) ▼IMHO this bright green (and UV-yellowish Colza Fields) textures would be great (Barti's earlier images) Well, I know, I will repeat myself: I (still) prefer your earlier spring (vivid green) textures for spring. Moreover: I think you should ad
  2. Hey Admiral ! Unfortunately I don't think ED will correct/update those harbour depths, seabed/elevation map anytime soon. However some LUA trick/cheat will be useful maybe. Try these: A.: GT.riverCraft = true - AFAIK land/sea base, water depth and river elevation/altitude not checked with "true" B.: AFAIK there are no Ship-Draft definition for LUA of Ships, but if it were, there could be cheating with Draft data. (BTW: do you know what GT.Gamma_max and GT.Om means ? - i guess those are not Draft definitions, however with a little brainstorm GT.Height * GT.Gamma (or DeckLevel
  3. Nice 1 thing only: the frontal edge of the LEF doesn't have to be black/dark, i think
  4. 1) ...looks much more authentic IMHO 2)...unfortunately not really: the bottom line maybe ...McKenzie, the top line: i think: usually for the first blink is the best guess, so: could be Andy Jr. Willow but maybe you could ask them: https://www.douglasmodels.com https://www.spruebrothers.com https://www.shaw.af.mil/About-Us/Contact-Us/ TY
  5. the blur what you used earlier on your F-16 desert livery is/ will be OK IMHO (or you can release/make two versions: one with sharp edges of the pattern, another with soft/burry edges)
  6. IRL less blur at/on the color changing lines: OR more blur:
  7. Unfortunatately there are only a few indistinct (B&W) photo more on the net but I think with a spray(job) you can paint hard edges/"boundary lines" on the pattern using a single sheet of paper as a protecting cover/shelter on the non-painting side IRL. (left hand: sheet, right hand: bottle - the way I would do IRL, quickly without a masking tape) IMHO a little blur/fogging is ok on edges of the pattern but the paint of this model could be close to the real thing. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016028-f-16c-363-tfw/page/2/
  8. Nice job ! ...few things only: AFAIK the horizontal stripe on the top of the vertical stab should be dark blue and the borders of the pattern should be more contrasting/sharp (less washed out) TY
  9. so there are AGM-88, 84E, 65E/F ...fine...TY
  10. ▲ STORE LOADING AGM-84 ? which variant ? A and D ? ...and the AGM-123 ? (what is a GBU-16 with booster), AGM-88, early AGM-65A/B ?
  11. Yes, but that's the old LOMAC-era 3D model and the skin is innacurate (labels, colours, pattern), low-res and very old also My request meant: a new skin for the new 3D model.
  12. It would be great if an experienced skinner made this Thank You
  13. I tried manually: install A-10C ..and I got these windows (in the 2021 Lunar "Try For Free "period) - while other modules installation were OK maybe this is the same or similar (2 weeks old) bug: Posted January 28 DCS Open Beta (Changelog) DCS World Fixed authorization error 400 OR
  14. I can't install the A-10C module by the Module Manager (the A-10C Warthog module). : No A-10C in the "available to install" window. The A-10C II Tank Killer module is already installed. Advertising icon A-10C module (on the start screen) and the name of the aircraft in the mission editor is gray. (not flyable) I was able to install (and use/fly) without any problems last year in both free period (in April and December) What is the solution ? Thank You
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