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  1. DCS is a visual experience. Therefore visual standardization is very important. At least it should be. And I mentioning again the old vehicle models too: The ships without underwater parts/keels, what is "spectacular" since the water got transparency.
  2. It's not as easy as it looks like ? Yes, the problem is exactly like that: how it looks. IMHO it's starting to be awkward seeing very old (and ugly) 3D models (Vaz car, Ikarus bus, Trucks, Barge-ships etc.) while the "updated/facelifted" 3D models already in the game as landscape-reference-file but ED did not imported/converted into EDM (for using in the ME by clients). Those old F-14A and Mirage 2000-5 models came from Flanker2 what is 20 yeras old. In LOMAC (17 years ago) those models got some nozzle and afterburner 3D facelift and appeared the newer F-18A 3D model in LOM format.
  3. I meant the AI unit. They mentioned some units already in the newsletter. AFAIK M-2000-5 differ externally (for AI) only in the pitot tube/probe and some antennas/sensors on the tail and fuselage. So, it would be only a few 3D-parts-visibility-cosmetics on the current 3D model and should be easily used (the same 3D model) with changing parts in the liveries-description.lua by the custom_args = function/feature.
  4. Bingo ! I meant the AI unit. They mentioned some units (see below) in the newsletter. The same should be true for the old F-14, F-16 and F-18 models. Those 3D models need facelift and replace: F-14A, F-16A, F-16MLU, F-16 bl.50, F-16 bl.52, F-18A - what are already in the game/sim as AI units. CF-18A/C and other two-seater 3D models also can be easily updated/adopted from current models: F-18B/D, F-16B/D, Mirage-2000D etc. as new AI units. AFAIK M-2000-5 differ externally (for AI) only in the pitot tube/probe and some antennas/sensors on the tail and fuselage. So, it would be only a few
  5. IRL the airframe is not shiny (except: shiny when wet) so... Looks so REAL Nice job
  6. Gotcha, but it's not a problem to export into another game-3D format/extension a DCS-ready "Merged-with-visibility-parts-3D model". MAX can handle those arg-based-visibilities. It's only a hide/unhide/reveal thingy. (a 3D modeller can do it manually as well: without visibilities) So, He can export both: seperated F-104G and F-104S models to FSX, FSXX, SF2, XP etc. formats I am RDY 2 help
  7. Mirage 2000-5 3D model should need minor changes/updates only on the current M-2000 3D model. Same post on Razbam sub-forum:
  8. Well, I have some suggestions to those F-104G/S model(s). As I see there are differences only at the under fuselage twin pilons/launchers and the vental fin(s). So, you (Kobra?) should merge the two model into one where arg70 or other non-dedicated arg# (visibility) will be able to change/visualize those parts through the livery-decription.lua: custom_args = (number/value). Moreover you can build the TF-104G on the model too. Merge all models and add visibility to the different parts and you will save a lot of work and resources.
  9. Yes madam but there is only one F-105 pic what I posted previously. https://www.lockonforum.de/community/thread/1850-eure-schönsten-shots/?postID=84951#post84951
  10. Nice nose-art Jocko: I love that Snoopy Sniper ▲It's from VSN-nice-screenshots pages: (a week old shot) probably another VSN project/mod of CDP-Kobra
  11. AIC: Thud(s) is coming as well, hopefully:
  12. Nice job Jocko ! ...btw: there are a minor problem with the USAF 570914: on the pitot tube the red-white painting should be 4-4 stripes intead of spiral. ...and please make those early/Vietnam/Puerto Rico USAF camos with wavy demarcations as well Thank You
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