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  1. Dear all, Time for a little Viper update. While the AH-64D team has been very busy, our modern-day fixed wing team (Viper and Hornet), have been equally busy. Although not a promise (a lot can happen in test), we are shooting for the following in the October update: Air-to-Ground radar in Ground Map (GM) mode. HARM Targeting System (HTS) and HARM Attack Display (HAD). Bullseye DED page and indications for FCR and HSD pages. Addition of the HSD cursor. Addition of Mark Points. New INS/datalink system for AIM-120 guidance. Updated FCR and HSD symbols (color and shape). Highly detailed pilot for cockpit view. Smoother cursor control. Improved MPD clarity. Adjusted RWR detection ranges. Flight model adjustments including commanded G-onset rate. RWS/TWS refinements. On-speed AoA airspeed correction. Addition of the HMCS DED page. This list is by no means complete, but it highlights some of the more pressing matters. Again though, this list is not in stone and may change based on internal test results. Kind Regards, Wags
  2. Dear All, Time for a little update on the DCS: AH-64D. As you may have gathered from the videos, progress has been excellent, and we are well on track for both the pre-order and early access release this year. We hope you have been enjoying the sneak peek videos and Cato's fantastic show cases. These are created for the dual purpose of building customer awareness (one of our biggest challenges as a small company) and providing you a better appreciation of what you would be pre-ordering. An informed customer is a happy customer (generally). Although we’ve been able to show off quite bit, there is still much work to do before an early access release. Some of these items include: AI flight takeover AI command system Front seat/Back seat cooperative multiplayer synchronization Add attitude and altitude hold modes Tune flight model, SCAS, and SAS Radios and radio pages Damage modeling (art and systems) Complete all systems required for a cold start Voice message and tone alerts UI art Training, instant action, and single missions And more… So, while I understand many you are repeating the “release it now” mantra, I think you will agree that all the above items much first be addressed. No one wants a repeat of the Viper launch. Also, once the pre-order starts, I will pivot to the full-up training lessons to help prepare you for the early access release. Kind regards, Wags
  3. I thought some of you might like to see the full FLIR image behind the WPN/RKTS page. Kind regards, Wags
  4. Ah, NIIRS, brings back memories of my old NPIC days.
  5. Dear all, In an upcoming update, we will be introducing a Payload Restriction option in the Mission Editor. This will allow mission designers to restrict weapons to specific stations for both single- and multi-player missions. I am posting this here as we hope this will be a good solution for “HARMgate”. Based on further research, it comes down to a “it depends” situation. While some Viper units have had their HARM shooters wired for STA 4 and 6, other did not. This explains the conflicting SME feedback and mass-consternation and confusion. With the addition of the Payload Restriction option, we’ll let you decide. Kind regards, Wags
  6. Wags

    30mm Ammo

    Dear all, We plan M788 Target Practice and M789 HEDP. Kind regards, Wags
  7. In the words of on of our SME testers, flying the Apache should feel like cheating, it is so easy. Kind regards, Wags
  8. Starting today, we'll be talking a lot more about our DCS: AH-64D. This will be particularly true in upcoming newsletters. As I do for the Hornet and Viper, I'll also try to give some updates here. Our sprint goal is to have the AH-64D complete enough to create the pre-order launch video. Here is a general overview of where we are with our US Army AH-64D Mid-Block II (2005-2010): 1- The cockpit graphics are around 90% complete. Remaining items are behind the PLT seat (CB panels and other items), the rifles, cleaning up some temp textures, completing the compass on top of the PLT instrument panel, and few other items. 2- The external model is about 85% complete, with remaining work mostly on the animations, lights, skins, weathering, and damage model. 3- The flight model without SCAS is quite close to where it needs to be, so, much of the FM work is on SCAS and the hold modes. When complete and SCAS engaged, the AH-64D should be the easiest whirly bird to fly in DCS. 4- The cold start procedure is coming along, but it will probably be one of the last items we complete prior to early access launch. All of the sub-systems like the APU, engines, fuel system, electrical, etc. must first be complete. 5- AWS and rockets are nearly complete, with the bulk of the weapons work now focused on the Hellfire 2 (SAL2). 6- Defensive systems like the ASE and CMWS are complete. 7- Initial sounds are integrated, but much tuning and adding of VMU sounds remain. 8- MTADS, IHADSS, MPNVS are well underway with most of the work on clean up and adding some remaining display items. 9- TSD and navigation are complete and undergoing debugging. There are of course many other items that comprise the larger project, but I hope this will provide you a general overview of where we are in August 2021. Kind regards, Wags
  9. Wags


    Dear all, At early access launch, the AGM-114K SAL2 will be included. Later, once the FCR is added, the AGM-114L will be added. Kind regards, Wags
  10. Dear all, While certainly not a Viper-only item, we've been making good progress on the AIM-120 INS guidance when the missile has no DL and out of HPRF seeker range. Added a new active seeker with physical signal calculations and doppler search/doppler tracking (velocity gate). We simplified the seeker gimbal model that results in a good improvement. Added a new guidance processor with Kalman filtering and optimal guidance law (to account for target accelerations, target inertia, missile control loop inertia, and missile x-axis acceleration.) Added datalink-aided INS. Added aircraft weapon control system emulator for initial missile targeting and datalink support. These changes will make the AIM-120 a much more lethal weapon for a Cheap Shot (ending support between HPRF and MPRF). Kind regards, Wags
  11. Dear all, In one of next Viper updates, we'll be adding the option to toggle between LAT/LONG and MGRS on the Steerpoint (STPT) page. This done through a DCS (dobber) right press and only for Steerpoints 21 to 25. While this may seem a bit odd, it is correct for a 2007 Block 50. Also, there is about a three second delay when converting from LAT/LONG to MGRS. Note that to toggle between MAN and AUTO Steerpoint sequencing, the MAN/AUTO field will need to be highlighted and then press M-SEL to toggle. The DEST page will also have this, when this DED page is added. Kind regards, Wags
  12. Dear all, Per the change log today, we continue to work on the Hornet, although the bulk of our modern day, fixed-wing aircraft dev resources are now on the Viper. The biggest tasks for the Hornet are ACLS and Approach mode ATC. Once these are further along, I look forward to providing an instruction video. Kind regards, Wags
  13. Dear all, With the release of the CBU-105 WCMD today, some of you may be asking yourself, "where the frack is the CBU-103?!" Fear not, it's still coming but we are currently not satisfied with the CEB weapon affect or visual effect. Once we nail these down, we look forward to releasing this weapon and updating the CBU-87 that also uses CEBs. Kind regards, Wags
  14. Flight Dynamics Update Dear all, One of the most important updates we are working on for the Viper is adjusting the angle of attack and G loading models. We’ve been making good progress, and the sustained rates match the reference data well across airspeeds, altitudes, drag indexes, etc. The same can also be said for acceleration and Instantaneous Turns Rates (ITR) below approximately 20k MSL. We do though still need to adjust acceleration and ITR above 20k MSL. This is not a simple matter, and we hope to have this task complete this autumn. Kind regards, Matt
  15. Updated to match roadmap and bring up to date with current planning.
  16. Dear Viper Pilots, Thank you for participation in DCS: F-16C Viper Roadmap features poll. We received more than 9,500 responses. DCS: F-16C Viper development is again at an accelerated pace. We focused on bug fixing in the first half of 2021, and while we will continue bug fixing, we will now also be adding new features. Our roadmap, which is heavily influenced by your voting, will cover from now and until the end of 2021. The list of delivered features this year includes: AGM-65D/G/H/K Maverick AGM-88C HARM POS and HAS Modes GBU-31 and GBU-38 JDAM AGM-154A JSOW BRU-57/A Smart Rack VV/VAH HUD Option Travel Pod The planned poll features to be delivered by the end of 2021 for DCS: F-16C Viper includes: Flight model and FLCS tuning. This focuses on angle of attack and G, and we believe it will result in more accurate sustained turn performance, instantaneous turn performance, and acceleration. HARM Targeting System (HTS) pod and HARM Attack Display (HAD). Air-to-Air Radar improvements: DTT SAM mode, bullseye, and intercept steering cue. Landing and takeoff handling tuning. JHMCS support for the Radar Warning Receiver, Link 16, and Air-to-Ground mode. Electronic Countermeasures: ALQ-131 / ALQ-184 ECM pods and FCR jamming indications. Air-to-Ground Radar: Ground Map, Expand, DBS modes, Fixed Target Track, Ground Moving Target, Snowplow, Sea, and AGR modes. Semiautomatic and Automatic Countermeasures Programs. Mark Points. HOTAS Steerpoint Selection. Lat / Long and MGRS Coordinate Selection. CBU-103 and CBU-105 WCMD. Horizontal Situation Display (HSD) cursor. Further development will continue into 2022 with the following list of planned poll features: Complete Lightening Targeting Pod. This mostly consists of correct offset logic and improving display clarity. Sniper XR Targeting Pod. Date Transfer Cartridge (DTC) and Mission Planner. ICP Modes: CRUS, TIME, FIX, ACAL, DEST, and BULL DED pages. Of these, CRUS will be the highest priority. RWR Handoff PRF Tones. HUD Toss Anticipation Cue. Desired HUD Airspeed Caret for CRUS mode. GBU-24 Paveway III. Remaining Bombing Modes: DTOS, MAN, and LADD. DTOS being the highest priority. Mk-84AIR. Wing Fuel Tank Pylon Jettison Correction. ALE-50 Towed Decoy. FCS BIT Animations. BDU-50 Training Bomb. Jet Fuel Starter (JFS) Door Animation. Alternative Landing Gear Handle. Cockpit View Pilot Model. Animated Tail Hook. Air Show Smoke Pods. ACM Slew Mode. Radar Velocity Search Mode. Please note that both the 2021 and 2022 lists may not be delivered in the listed order. These are our current plans as of July 2021, and they are subject to change. There are many more items that we will be addressing, but this list is confined to poll items. Some features require a lot of effort and time, like HTS/HAD and AG radar, while the others are not as complex and can be completed sooner. We’ll start with the most important ranked by you, that are also feasible for us, and then continue to bring you more and more DCS: F-16C Viper functionality. It is also important to remember that all features of our Viper are in regards to a United States F-16CM Block 50, roughly M4.2+, operated in the 2007 time frame. Sincerely, Wags and the Eagle Dynamics Team
  17. Dear all, Like many things in life, it depends. The threat circles are a function of the mission planning software (JMPS), and there are various display options for these. One option is to have them turn red when the ownship symbol passes into one, or not. So, there is not really a right or wrong answer here. When we implement the DTC, we’ll try to make this a selectable option. In the meantime, we’ll see about defaulting it to red when the ownship is within one, but as I hope you can understand, this is an exceptionally low priority compared to other Viper tasks. - Wags
  18. Dear all, In the next big update for the Viper, later in July, we'll have quite a few house keeping items. I plan to do a little summary video of these next week. Kind regards, Wags
  19. DTOS mode will be coming. Kind regards, Wags
  20. For such a situation, you'd use the JDAM in VIS mode to roughly place the HUD designation cursor over the target, and then set it as the SPI. Based on talks with Viper pilots, the VIS HUD slew is quite coarse, so they would most often fine tune SPI placement with TGP/AG radar (coming later). Kind regards, Wags
  21. Dear all, You can download the free Mariana's map as DLC from: DCS: Marianas on Steam (steampowered.com) for steam. or if standalone version using the module manager at the top of the main menu. Kind regards, Wags
  22. Dear all, While the we'd like to add the Sniper TGP at some point, after the project is feature complete, it is not something we can promise at this time. We'll see... Kind regards, Wags
  23. Dear all, A little update on HARM loading. After being provided ample evidence from those in the know, we have adjusted loading of the AGM-88. Whilst it will still be possible to load HARMs on the four stations, HARMs loaded on STA 4 and 6 will have no umbilical connection, and thus no communication with the MC. As such, you are fee to carry them, as indicated in some images and a loading chart, but they cannot be employed. We expect this to be in a July 2021 update. Also for July, you can expect the AGM-154A. CBU-103 and CBU-105 will probably be in August. Kind regards, Wags
  24. AGM-154C removed from lists as this is not a valid weapon for a US Block 50. USAF/ANG only operate the AGM-154A.
  25. Dear all, I created this today, and I thought it might be interesting/useful for those wishing to get a head start on your controller profiles. Kind regards, Matt AH-64D Block II Cyclic and Collective HOTAS.pdf
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