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  1. Yes, this is how it works as far as I know. For anyone who is interested, I changed my Map Markers command phrase (found in the Extensions category of the VA profile list from [1...10] to [1...30] and Jester happily selected waypoint 25 to a steerpoint so we could navigate to it. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  2. Most of the time I don't get the issue but when I do I just delete the Export.lua, let Vaicom recreate it, close Vaicom and then copy an old Export.lua with Tacview in as well back and restart. Takes a couple of minutes to do and all is good
  3. I think you need to search the whole forum for this - the Interactive Kneeboard is just an extension of the overall DCS kneeboard, so you need to look for threads discussing the export of the DCS kneeboard
  4. The whole point of SNGL is that it maps all your aircraft radios to the single TX that you have selected. I have never run this way so cannot help further at the moment. If I get a chance after work today I will have a play and see what happens Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  5. You need to go into the Vaicom config (Ctrl+Alt+C) > Preferences tab and click Extended Command Set I don't know whether this will work, but have you tried setting the Map wheel on the PTT tab of Vaicom to SNGL and then used the up and down arrows next to the green screen to select TX5?
  6. When you use Ctrl+Alt+V are you sat in the cockpit? If not, Vaicom will show Easy Comms On because it does not know which way the DCS option is set Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  7. Do you have any old controller lurking in settings https://forums.eagle.ru/index.php?/topic/259152-Voice-Attack-constantly-crashing#entry4573495 Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  8. Easiest thing is for you to join the Vaicom pro Discord server and I will call you as soon as you appear there ( https://discord.gg/xKSMHWsp Just checking your Discord tag is Bronco
  9. The start up log looks fine - next check is that you have the sliders on the Config tab of the Vaicom Config screen set to openbeta and standalone Are you on discord? If so, I am happy to jump onto a voice call with you and step through things
  10. Please could you turn on Vaicom debug (top option on the Config tab of the Vaicom configuration), close VA, restart it and then post the log file here. The log file can be found in your Vaicom install > log folder. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  11. The only person who can possibly give you 'solid' answers is@Hollywood_315. The rest of us are just users and can only go on our experience / system. You probably need to try making contact directly with him via either a direct message on these forums or via support@vaicompro.com Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
  12. This isn't a separate kneeboard to the standard DCS one, it just adds the Vaicom kneeboards on top. I think the sizing is therefore a DCS issue
  13. You do have the AIRIO licence registered and the AIRIO dll in the extensions folder Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk This one is good for the next day or so https://discord.gg/qUBEdTvk Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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