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  1. I don't think it will ever be in a pdf format !
  2. After getting to know that there will only be a black and white manual, and that plus shipping to me could cost me $60+. I decided to print my own. Cost breakup HP DeskJet 1180C cartridge =$ 25.50 A4 Paper 110 grams =$ 2.50 Ring binding and title lamination =$ 3.00 ________ Total =$ 31.00 What do you think ?
  3. Hi all, I tried to buy from PROTX, and it said my bank has declined the transaction. I thought I might have entered the wrong card number, so I tried it again and again it said bank declined my card. And then I received two SMS messeges on my cell from my bank informing me that two transactions have been authorized worth 100$. I almost crapped my pants. Called my bank and they told me if the transaction didn't take place then these charges shall be reversed in 15 days. I've used the same card to buy Lockon FC, SteelBeast ProPE, Silent Hunter and many others from different sites, I've never ha
  4. Hi all I'm very happy to know about the A-10, but is there any chance for DCS to take on F-15E. I played the Janes F-15E sim and loved the immersion factor of it. That plane has everything of current battlefield requirements !
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