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  1. It's a service so you have time to get all the christmas presents bought and wrapped.
  2. A few seconds searching and you should find an answer.
  3. I believe Beamscanner presented evidence some time ago. There should be threads around in the 'bugs' section.
  4. This has been reported a long time ago and probably (hopefully) will be fixed when the time comes.
  5. Are you on beta or stable? I seem to remember a bug where the fuel would still transfer to internal tanks if not full even if the external was not switched on. As soon as you then switched them on they would already have transfered all fuel and would show as empty. At some point you could also just get new externals instead of refueling for turn around and they would insta refuel the internals on the ground. You could then dump them, reload new ones and off you went in a couple of minutes.
  6. It's probably just the database that isn't updated with the "new" AIM-54. Happens sometimes with new modules too..
  7. Still I managed to take a clean A to 2.45M after some zoom climbs. But loaded up it doesn't seem to move. Still awesome to fly though. Good to hear it has been fixed, that will just make it more awesome. :)
  8. After one revolution of the pointer it should AFAIK show a '1', but it doesn't ATM. Maybe I'm stating the obvious..
  9. After yesterdays patch, AIM-9 drag seems to have been decreased. Now the F-5 doesn't drop the wing with the remaining sidewinder after firing one anymore. Much more controlable now even at high AoA. Thanks a lot!
  10. You'd have to get an answer from ED for this. I guess it's an old idea from the lomac or flanker x.x days, where the FM was different and you will with this system not have to trim the russian birds. But I don't know. IMHO using keys to control an A/C in a flightsim got obsolete with the introduction of analog joysticks.
  11. Engines are not fed directly from the external tanks. External fuel is pumped to internal tanks. As to why you shouldn't engage external fuel until airborne I seem to remember that it's a safety thing. IIRC it's in the manual somewhere.
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/englis...itor-by-bailey This one is better. Same guy made a mod to change CMS inside of DCS, but I haven't tried it.
  13. Yeah. Forgot about that one. I got all of my controllers in the same USB hub which has a power switch. Powering it up after boot does the trick too.
  14. Unplug and replug controllers. Should fix the issue. It's a long standing issue that sometimes happens after a regular boot up too.
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