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  1. yea!! ive posted about this ( hopefully its fixed soon.)
  2. Im wondering if the option to paint the animated prop hub will be available once the model is finished? Has a user figured out how to paint the animated porp through the shapes or texture files?
  3. I'm wondering if the upcoming weather system will perhaps improve or update the wing vapors when pulling tight turns in the tomcat than what we currently have? what we currently have: to perhaps this or something similar?
  4. nev mind i figured it out! i had to do stuff to the description file
  5. I'm trying to create custom skins but there are these annoying blocks on the empennage where the numbers/ markings are supposed to be that create their own roughmet even though it doesn't show up in the template. How do i get rid of this effect?
  6. are the clouds closer than we think?
  7. Just got the template but im unfamiliar on how to actually use the roughness and metallic layer. I'm using gimp. can someone refer me on how to properly use it?
  8. oooo nice!! cant wait to try it!!
  9. tarheel hal was supposed to be release with the P-47 i belive. I dont know why they didnt add it. I know it wouldve been the popular choice but still a bummer
  10. I've tried to figure this out as well, i think in the current state there is no way to paint the spinning prop. We'll have to wait for the official template from ED i suppose
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