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  1. Hi, Thanks for the detailed reply. The problem is that the roll and pitch rates are highly unstable - you can't roll or pitch continuously without the roll and pitch varying to such an extent it upsets the steady-state flight path. To put it another way - a stable +3.0 g pull becomes 3.0 g +/- 0.5 g, or a constant roll rate of 30 deg/sec, becomes 30 deg/sec +/- 10 deg/sec. Make sense? This is not correct, and it didn't do this previously.
  2. Wind should make ZERO difference to aircraft performance! The aircraft only cares about the air through which it flies; not how fast it is passing over the ground (even some RW pilots screw this up severely). Ensure the temperature and pressure are standard (+15 deg. C at sea level and 29.92 in.Hg.), as this WILL affect the aircraft performance. The F-5 still has a problem with either a lack of thrust and/or too much drag. It's still hard to accelerate to Mach 1.4 in level flight (actually, impossible, and even accelerating faster than Mach 1.0 in level flig
  3. Why is that aircraft flying with asymmetric tanks? Bad release? Not sure I like how the tanks come off. Did they ever collide (IRL)? Great post! I hope they correct it.
  4. Thanks! Can you send me your mission? I'll try flying it here, too.
  5. Like a Cessna: Takeoff 60, fly 60, approach 60, land 60.
  6. Why are you in extenal view with the F-16 but the cockpit view of the F-86? The F-16 video is nearly useless! When you were chasing the F-4 in the F-86 your airpeed was high (400 kts). What was it with the F-16?
  7. I was hosting a server. No-one flying (all spectator) and I switched to the F-14A. I just switched to external view for a minute to admire the exterior, and then switched back to the cockpit. Aircraft was cold and dark, and I was about to begin the start procedure when CTD. I didn't actually click anything or operate any switches prior to the crash.
  8. Hi, Before I get flamed, no this is NOT my flight controls! I'll try to describe what is happening: Pitch and roll channels exhibit the same behavior in flight. I'll make a steady control input (e.g. 1/4 deflection left) which should yield a constant* roll rate. What is actually happening is the roll rate is developing, then the ailerons are instantaneously returning to neutral, then they are moving back to the stick position. Rinse and repeat the entire flight. Same for the pitch channel. This aircraft has FBW
  9. You need to install the runtimes. I'm guessing you'll need VS2019 x64 version. You do **NOT** need to re-compile for the OS you are using! DCS is 64-bit, so the DLL will need to be 64-bit. That is all.
  10. It's a more general lighting issue I think. I see this as well (non-VR) in multiple modules, if the lighting is just wrong or the sun hits the panel at a specific angle. It just whites out and is totally unreadable.
  11. 6:24 got .. interesting. Where did the AI learn to cheat?
  12. I wish they'd fix the visibility ranges of all the aircraft, but that horse has been beaten, shot, bombed, and sunk multiple times.
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