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  1. Thanks for all the great advice. Not sure of one thing, still, though: if I build a grip that purports to be compatible with the Warthog base, will it be compatible with the Virpil base? This is the one I'm looking at building: F-14 3D Printed Grip
  2. Good point, Oilman. Thanks. I generally buy up at least a level, for me, and my family, and rarely has it backfired.
  3. Oh, and bonus round question: if a stick is compatible with the Warthog base, will it be compatible with the Virpil (reflexive compatibility rule)?
  4. Thanks for your input . A preference between the Virpil WarBRD and MongoosT-50CM2 bases? Looks like the Mongoos is better suited to extensions, spring options, different cams, etc., but the WarBRD may be more equivalent to the TM base? I also notice Virpil has no platform-specific grips, but the Constellation looks like an F/A-18 stick, and the VPC V.F.X resembles the F-14, is that fair?
  5. Thanks, mate. Appreciate your opinion. Why do you say Virpil is a better option?
  6. Team, Not wanting to start a flame or fanboy war, but I am in the market for an updated flight stick to augment my VKB Gladiator MkII, especially for more modern aircraft, like the F/A-18. I have looked at the VKB, Virpil, Winwing, and the old standard, Thrustmaster offerings. Money is a factor, since I just splurged to upgrade my old (but very functional, AND fully tricked-out) Obutto Ozone simpit with a Yaw2 Pro 3.5 DOF motion simulator. I am considering purchasing the TM F/A-18 stick and the TM base, but wonder, in 2021, is this combo still viable? I plan on 3D
  7. dmwierz


    Actually, this thing, and the recently-announced Yaw2, are intended for VR, and the motion it generates, when not viewed relative to actual position of the sim (in other words, with the HMD covering your eyes) does a surprisingly good job of fooling your body that the forces it is feeling are roughly analogous to what your eyes are seeing. For example, whilst in a constant rate left turn, the Yaw spins continuously to the left (yaw), and banks (rolls) to the left. Looking at this from the outside, you'd say "Well, that's not very realistic; it looks like you're in a spin", however inside your
  8. Yeah, I understand. I've been in contact with several of those who did the original reviews, so I think I get what happened. In any event, though, the people who reviewed the product are the heart and soul of their user base. When somebody is considering their products, a simple YouTube search leads directly to these less-than-laudatory reviews. I know - that's the first thing I did, and when I did, was amazed at how few reviews there were, and that they were almost all a year old (approx). Didn't exactly give me that old warm and fuzzy feeling. Were I Winwing, I'd work with those people to
  9. Fair point. At the end of the day, it's about getting a good product. It's a lot of money to spend, though, and if language issues are an issue now, while they are trying to convince me to buy, what is going to happen should something not be right AFTER my purchase?
  10. They seem to be an odd company. When I asked them why there are almost no current reviews of their products, they said "we have lost confidence of all reviewers...so we refused all review reqiurement (Sic)", then they said "if you buy our products and make a great review, we can sponsor you according to the result". I wasn't sure what to make of this, other than to say they would pay me if I produced a positive review. If true, this is really, REALLY not copacetic. Maybe their true meaning got lost in translation. They even inferred some reviewers who received early versions of their
  11. Throttle available without the panel? Browsing these posts, and Winwing's rather cryptic website, and wondering if one can purchase the throttle base without the switch panel? I fly 100% in VR, and don't need all those switches, especially since I have a StreamDeck that handles pretty much everything I need. See image.
  12. Thanks Smokey, thanks. At least I know they're still around, however my emails are getting bounced, which indicates a more systemic issue, as they aren't even getting through, plus I haven't received any replies to my webform submissions. Anyway, thanks again, and I'll keep at it. Cheers.
  13. Nobody knows if this established company is still around? I even posted on their online forum, with no replies.
  14. J, amazing work. I also fly in VR exclusively, and wonder how you obtained or maintained the 1:1 scale of this panel while in VR? How do you locate all the switches whilst "under the hood" in VR? I presume you're not using the hand controllers (or are you), and just reaching forward to the panel to actuate?
  15. Group, I've been trying to reach Obutto via their info@obutto.com email address, and by contacting Chris Dunagan directly via his email, for the past couple weeks, and have had all my emails bounced back. Are Obutto still around, or did Chris go under?
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