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  1. I started flying with these guys almost 2 years ago now. AG-51 has changed how I enjoy DCS. When I started I only flew the SU-25t and I couldn’t even land it half the time. They took me under their wings and taught me so much in a friendly and unjudgemental way. We like our members to attend as many of our squad nights as they can but we understand that real life comes first and there are no attendance requirements. We have some really talented mission builders so we always have new missions to fly. So if you’re looking for an easy going squad to fly with, where having fun is the top priority
  2. Hey Apache, thanks for all your hard work man! I love your missions. Hope you can get back up this way sometime so I can treat you to dinner again. Take care bud.
  3. Go to "controls"..."UI Layer" and set "Toggle VR Zoom" on your HOTAS if you have one. And for your other problem of seeing the keyboard there is a free program called "VoiceAttack" that will convert words into button presses. The free version gives you a max of 20 voice commands and the $10 version gives you unlimited commands. I love it in VR. Good luck and enjoy you new VR setup!
  4. Does this happen every time you fire the game up? I have this problem very occasionally but it usually is because I forgot and was looking around while the game was starting. If I look straight ahead until the screen loads I'm ok. If I forget and look around(turn my head) the menu can be anywhere, up high, down low, left or right depending on where I happened to be looking. If I look straight ahead no problems. Hope your fix is this simple.
  5. Funky, thank you so much buddy!
  6. Center mount, listed under pods in F1 menu. Will only show in the center fuselage spot.
  7. I really enjoyed the TPOD. But on the downside, while twisting sideways you won't be able to easily access the FLIR on/off switch in VR either. It's that difficult to get to in VR. I can't find this switch anywhere in the controls which means no HOTAS or Voiceattack binds. I really hope they add these switches to the controls section soon so we can bind them to something.
  8. Here is a little mission that will take approx. 2 hours or so to complete if enough players are playing it. I would suggest at least 3 fixed wing pilots but 2 can still have fun with it. It has Hornets, Tomcats and Hogs to choose from and requires at least one Huey pilot at mission start to trip a trigger to get the main enemy activity going. Most aircraft are land based but there is a carrier included if you'd prefer to start or rearm/refuel there. It is in the Caucasus map. Mission consists of a 12 Humvee column trying to breakout to home base and the Russians are trying to kill it before
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=237481
  10. Looks really nice but I can't get numbers to input.
  11. I once forgot to put my second engine in idle and it would power up but not launch. Just a thought.
  12. Maybe a simple question here, maybe not. I'm getting ready to set up my throttle to use for the Lantirn controls. For those of you who have already done this, how did you bind your throttle or stick to switch between Lantirn and non Lantirn use? I use a TM16000FCS setup and it has no 2 position toggle switches, in case you used a toggle switch to do it. Thanks.
  13. Got it fixed. I found this post and went through and checked my settings that he suggested checking and after making the suggested changes my jittering went away and my framerates increased. https://steamcommunity.com/app/223750/discussions/0/1744480967018037988/. My game looks and plays very well now. I hope this may help others who have the same problem. And thank you to everyone who offered suggestions, even the jitterbug video, I needed the laugh.
  14. I'm in VR and yesterday after the update mine started stuttering. Never done this before and worked fine the night before the update. Very upsetting.
  15. Hey everyone, I fly in VR and have never had any real issues, until now. I flew online last night, no problem, everything nice and pretty. Today I get on the game and see there's an update so I update my game, get in the cockpit and notice immediately that every time I move my head any direction I get a jumpy picture. It doesn't matter how slow I move, I can just look from one side of the F-18 HUD to the other very slowly and I get about 3 jumps in that small movement. It does it flying or sitting still on the tarmac. If I move my head fast it's terrible. It does it in all the views ( F1, F2,
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