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  1. LMFAO, that is brilliant!
  2. I think that's because in those situations the AP doesn't actually engage and flips back to off automatically. The hardware switch on your controller however forces the cockpit AP switch in the up position, similar to a pilot forcing the AP switch up with his finger and actively holding it there. As soon as he takes his finger off the AP switch it flips to off, never engaging. It only *looks* like it's working in those situations but it isn't, really.
  3. If anyone wants to have a go at it, I took the APKWS code from \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\A-10\A-10C_2.lua and put it in \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts\Database\helicopters\AB-212ASW.lua
  4. I could add the APKWS to the Huey but I can't get them to fire. Unless someone knows how to get them to fire it's just eye candy, unfortunately. I also could add the 3x APKWS launcher which looks quite funny and reaches a bit below the surface when on the ground (same goes for Hellfires from the AH-64D, which also won't fire).
  5. Can confirm, both on the pilot's and copilot's side the pressure adjustment knobs don't have any function right now, neither with mouse nor keyboard commands.
  6. Awesome skins, thank you! Do you have any plans for the 105 (Scorpion), 119 (Bat), and 253 (Negev)?
  7. Interesting that both sight pictures seem to be possible. Personally, I'd prefer the 80 mil reticle as I find the 50 mil too crowded so I would welcome that change. Best, as always, would be of course the choice via special settings between both :)
  8. I was wondering why I couldn't reproduce this using the Caucasus 'new mission' standard in the mission editor (maxing out at 1.98 or 1.99 mach). Then I noticed that DCS ME uses 20 °C as the standard temperature while in the track it's 15 °C. So, if anyone wants to reproduce, change temperature from 20 °C to 15 °C, then 2.04 mach is reproducible.
  9. But you're losing altitude in those pictures. What's it like in level flight?
  10. Hi, could you tell me which value you changed to achieve the larger reticle? I ask because I can't see a difference in size and Notepad++ compare tells me that the "PilotSight_init.lua" is identical with the original one. Thanks!
  11. Here, too, and also with the F-16.
  12. Yes, I have the same, also with the F-18.
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