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  1. Hmmm, it appears that after installing different memory - OC settings for the CPU were reset and it had a ceiling of 1.21v versus 1.31v I've had set before for 4.8 GHz. Maybe that's the case. Lemme test.
  2. Overclocking only the CPU, not GPU. 1080Ti is running at a purely stock settings. Had an older driver when I've noticed crashes, updated to the new one - they are still there. As for OC'ing CPU - it was at those settings before and DCS was running stable - the only things that have changed is me not playing DCS for about 4 months and also replacing 8x2 GSkill Ripjaws V 3000 MHz with 16x2 Ripjaws V 3600 MHz
  3. CrashLogs.7z Crashlogs plus event viewer app error report plus mis1.miz - basically I take off from the carrier, fly for about 5 minutes, return to the carrier group and just a few minutes into the CASE I recovery it crashes - every single time i5 9600k @ 4.8 GHz / G.Skill 32 GBs RAM 3600 MHz (stock XMP) / GTX 1080Ti with latest drivers / Win10 x64 on 850 EVO / Game on 860 EVO / no mods whatsoever / did 'clean' and 'repair' - didn't help
  4. Also the plane will end up in the sea if you are using CVN-71/72/73 and don't own Supercarrier DLC
  5. Already divorced so: F/A18C, F16C, AV8B, Supercarrier, Persian Gulf
  6. My experience with DCS began way back in 2015 with A-10C and FC3 and one thing that immediately became apparent is that at least half the time the "replay" of any flight that DCS creates is bugged - sometimes my plane will get shot down when it wasn't, or crash into the ground or the sea even though it never did. But now, 5 years later, the issue seems to be still there. Like in a mission I land my AV8B on Tarawa, but in replay it always ends up in a sea by doing maneuvers I've never done. I understand that this is how it is atm and only have a question - if there any hope to see it
  7. 2020 version is better and more realistic - because the desert looks like desert - without that weird blue tint from 2017 that makes stuff look flat
  8. It is outdated, right now a stable version is 2.5.6, whereas Hornet requirement is 2.5.2
  9. Tried with casually landing into the wind on Tarawa - and immediately noticed the difference. Two good landings out of two tries. It was considerably easier, to a point where I was rolling and using rudder to keep the nose straight to do a sideways landing from hover - and easily dealing with a pendulum effect. Landing into the wind made it that much better than I only now realized I didn't even monitor thrust
  10. Should it be a tailwind or the front wind? Perhaps I'm approaching it way too much as F/A18C carrier landings - e.g. set trim and glide onto the deck using the help of a tailwind - which is now obvious that it is not the way to treat a Harrier. I actually managed to land on (a moving) Tarawa (with a tail wind) from the 6th attempt today, it was terrible compared to how it should've been done, but I've landed in a correct rear area, didn't break anything and managed even to hover for a bit. But what I was doing differently is constantly using a stick for both pitch and roll to co
  11. Sure, here's a quick mission I've setup just to show it, the track is attached. Disregard the less than perfect approach - what I can't wrap my head around is why at sub 30 knots the aircraft completely loses stability (I don't touch the roll axis in any way) and I just have to land it instead of getting it to hover. It's not a ground effect either, same happens at 200 feet above the sea OK, thanks, but it's not that. I can go full 99 degrees to slow an aircraft from 200 to something like 60 knots without losing any stability and then set it to straight 82 and it will b
  12. Trying to learn how to land Harrier vertically or at least make it hover with any kind of control. The weight is sub 17000 lbs. The mission has no wind. Getting it down to 200-300 feet while gradually swinging nozzles to 50 degrees until it reaches ~80 knots - and then setting nozzles angle to ~62 and flaps to 62 degrees when at 80 knots, after which I trim to keep witch's hat at horizon level, as well as FPM so my descent rate is no more than 100-150 feet per minute. It's worth noting that I only do very slight left-right adjustments with a stick to keep the aircraft flying in the
  13. Right now on the E-Shop page the Supercarrier DLC is $40 (an early-access price), however when launching a game and using in-game shop I've noticed that it costs $30? Is the extra discount due to me owning an F/A-18C - or so I've heard - and why doesn't it show up on the E-Shop's page even though I'm logged in? But the most important question - since I'm a Steam DCS player and installed a standalone version temporarily just to test out Heatblur's offerings - does the same Hornet discount (if I'm correct about it) somehow apply to Supercarrier there?
  14. I have no problem temporarily converting Steam DCS installation to standalone to try modules out - but what I really want to know (as a Steam DCS player) - will the discount be available on summer sale on Steam next week? I'd rather not mix the two versions and have my eggs in a single basket so to speak - if I'll like F14 (and I have a STRONG impression I will)
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