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  1. this is why I am thinking of just going for the 109 if people are so butt hurt about the MW50... seems they cant handle a long nose?
  2. whats this I hear about people disabling the MW50 in that thing in their servers? what the hell?
  3. Very smart.. thats the way I played it in Il2 MP slash... attack.. zoom.. repeat I was talking about Big Newy... he just completely answered unprofessionally.. I came in here in good faith just asking for opinion since you guys fly it and he said some stupid thing like 'make your own FM' I am like what the hell LMAO
  4. this place is almost as worse as the Discord channel.. many people who are toxic.... I just had an Ahole tell me to make my own FM if I didnt 'like' it.. I am thinking... WTF!?? WTF is going on around here? wait... that pack has all the ww2 planes same as the modules? what plane gives you the worse time flying the Dora? maybe up high the 47?
  5. seems like shes underpowered ... and does not turn very well (even in historical manners) seems like it has some FM issues.. and issues with the MW50
  6. What model of 16 is this? like what era? like the engine and avionics... thanks is it 'newer' about the same time frame or 'older' than DCS 18.. thanks
  7. I have a 3xxx/14xxx 21:9 monitor.. what should I set in game?
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