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  1. I use TrackIR and have it configured where I lean forward a bit and can see what arms I have mounted to either side. Takes a bit of getting use to.
  2. All I can say as I like it. Sure it could be better but then so could my sex life. May be me but it seems a bit easier to fly. Responds to my controls much better than old version, but that could also be my pc, I just did a clean install of windows 10 and everything seems better. An no, the clean install did nothing for my sex life.
  3. I second that feeling. Very glad to support anything DCS has in the shop. Oh, please don't let my wife know.
  4. I'm an old fart, and not much impresses me anymore. But being a DCS fan, this does. Great job. I have a small CNC that has set for about three years not doing much, may go out and fire it up and do some cutting.
  5. Can fly nice and slow. I'm going to use this plane to practice my landings with a tail dragger. I'm using the Yak for wheel landing practice. I have been able to land the Yak on my third flight, I can't say that for all the others. I have uninstalled this sim more than once. This time I plan on giving it a better chance with my marginal flying ability and worse landings.
  6. yep ordered it. Don't really know why tho. My hanger is full. I spend most of my DCS time flying the Ka-50, or crashing it is a better description of what I am doing with it. I was jumping plane to plane not spending much time in any of them. Going to stick with the Ka-50 until I can get up to par on shooting stuff and landing in the spot I picked out. Which is harder to do than I thought it would be for me.
  7. CNCfan

    Black Shark 3?

    So far (still new to DCS). The Ka-50 gets more attention from me than any other aircraft in the DCS hanger. Still crash most of the time when I try to land, but even being on the edge and then losing it is fun, I would pick up a KA-52 the minute I see it. Think that would be a really nice copter to play with.
  8. My lights also do not light up on the Targeting mode control panel. I pick up my KA50 a few months ago, put it in is's hanger in short order as I had a hard time flying it. About a month ago I decided to give it another try but this time read the manual and take on one feature at a time. I am having a much better time with it now. Still learning the basics but I find I like flying it more than any other copter or plane in DCS. I would like ED put out the ka50 - 2. Also besides the manual that comes with getting the Ka50, get the one that Chuck puts out, For me easier to fo
  9. I have tried everything I can think of. Have not been able to get my Saitek Pro rudder peddles to work or the brake function on the F14. They work on all other planes.
  10. I have Open Beta, but it was not the most up to date. Once I updated all is well. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Wondering if anyone has gotten any resolution by posting in this thread?
  12. Thanks for the link. The problem I have is finding one with the correct spacing of the 5 pin receptacles and including the metal frame with correct spacing of the screw holes. Lot of variations, but so far I am coming up empty finding one that meets all the of the original connection in the base of the joystick.
  13. I never got around to ask them. I can tell you it is not a JST type mini micro with 1.0mm spacing. Connectors has a bit more spacing and the male/female pin part itself is bigger. I fixed what was wrong with a bit of Deoxit. I was also looking for the connector where the joy stick plugs into the base. I wanted to make a cable that was 3-6 inches longer. Could not find anyone that sold only that connector. (did not ask Thrustmaster) Saw some that looked close on Ebay , I did not think they would work due the spacing on the screw down holes. I did find the exact connect
  14. I'm in same position as others. Checked both open beta and stable, no F14. I have also not received an email. order # 671064 1/28/19
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