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  1. try a cleanup/repair. that mod error looks like you have speedtrees mod? or a modified d3dcompiler47 file error.
  2. delete FXO and Metashaders folders in saved games?
  3. Hi Lurker, When you first setup the WMR G2 headset you are using Windows WMR and in there it asks if you are using seated position or Standing/Walking profile. If you select Sitting you will come up to a screen where it asks you to turn your head left and right to scan your area in the Seated position.. For this to work the best you need to have a well lit room plus it is not reccomended to have a blank/empty room. like if you are seated at your Desk and have speakers and such on the desk it should see them to base a reference point vs a blank wall..
  4. maybe MSAA setting in DCS?? nothing else fixes it for me but MSAA there is a x2 and x4 setting very taxing on the PC but worth it..
  5. Well to be Honest I don't think it does. I ran this program and while it did take off the vRam when In cliffhouse or Steam Room, when I fired up DCS I was still using the same amount of Vram usually for a mission..
  6. Hmm I would retry it at 120hz and see what happens just for a test.. What happens to the Trackir @ 120HZ? I had 3D Projectors @120hz and never had an issue with Trackir?
  7. Well I am unsure if DCS has a motion blu effect outside the ingame one.. If the other games are crystal clear that is wierd perhaps with the bigger screen motion blur is more noticable? yes that HDMI should be good.. have you tried any racing games on your setup? do you know the Monitors response rate?
  8. Yes very niche and nice setup they usually cause all kinds of unseen and unknown issues very hard to solve.. I was wondering is there a Blur setting in the HDTV itself? Also is your HDMI cable a 18Gb one? EDIT: Do you know the responce rate of the LG also 60hz could be causing the blur itself..
  9. hmmm I wouldn't think you should get stuttering with Vsync turned off?? Any heat issues when vsync is off? OH I just seen your Specs what subwoofer you using with that system?
  10. Do you have Motion Blur enabled in DCS Settings? If it is not that do you have Vsync enabled?
  11. well with the g2 limiting the fps in nvcp seems to have no effect?
  12. So basically on the Quest 2 you set the HZ @ 90 then set the ASW at 30 well that is still ASW is it not?? it just limits the FPS too 30?? I Could try it too see for myself but I have a G2.. I can set the HZ to 90 but how will I lock the ASW too 30hz? I am sure this works but it still uses ASW..
  13. I did not mean there was someting wrong with your PC just that your config could be wrong meaning your settings in Steam VR and DCS Perhaps. but if you are not happy with your 3090 you could send it too me and I would enjoy it for years to come haha!!
  14. well I do believe there was a post a long time ago that discussed this issue.. There was a program to clear standby memory and they added it to the scheduled tasks, which helped alot of folks with this issue.. maybe do a search for clear standby memory?
  15. Wonder why sounds like a bad config or something? I dont think ED is letting down the VR users sure it could run better but I have a lowly 1080GTX and looks good to me on low settings with a G2. EDIT: well I checked what it looked like in full rez on the G2 which is like 3xxx x 3xxxx but I have itlike 30% at 1784x1748 while not in its full glory it still is fun to fly in this sim.. I have put in a tree mod and the shader mod which helps performance a bit. I am hopefull with Vulkan in the near future I hope.
  16. Ahh yes I keep forgetting to 2x the rez.. But I was just trying to do this more methodically then just guessing..
  17. Well I had tried it at 32% and it seemed to look a bit better then the other way I was doing it.. I am just trying to figure out how many pixels a 1080GTX can push comfortably.. I seen someone mention the can game on a 3440x1440 monitor with a 1080 so I did the math and it is 4,953,600 pixels.. I am currently at 3,118,432. now I am sure it is a bit more complicated then that I am just trying to determine a round about number of pixels I should be able to push.. So far it has worked and I think I might be able to squeeze a bit more out of the old 1080gtx..
  18. OK I just thought keeping the 1 at 50% and just lower the PD in DCS.. I will experiment with 32% and see.. I am doing the math and trying to keep it down the pixels I mean.
  19. Yes I am well aware of this video but I am not trying to do this.. I just wanted to set the Res in Steam vr at 50% or my native res so I keep the 1:1Pixel ration then drop the PD too .8 I am not trying to do the .5 --500% trick..
  20. I just checked the manual and it states it has a collimated lens.. I thought it was a fresnel lens I was wrong. so maybe this collimated lens has some funny issues I am seeing.. it is more in VR but I can look past it I was just trying to determine what the artifacts cause was, that is all and if anyone else is seeing it in VR..
  21. Well I had messed with DCS for another few hours tweaking and here is what I came up with. 1. Resolution in Steam VR @ 2232x2184 which came out to be 50% I set it in per application, still 1:1 ratio and with DCS PD at .8.. here are my settings in DCS:
  22. well my rig is not powerful enough to run the G2 at native res I run SteamVR @ 50%.. but I had a rift S and thought it could have been the rez of it but that is not it.. I think it is some wierd effect with the Fresnel lens on the EP-13..
  23. Well if you are using VR there is a section in the Buttkicker that expalins how to get it working let me see if I can find that guide.. EDIT: Yes in the Buttkicker Gamer quick start guide page 3 is how to hook up the buttkicker with a USB headset which VR is..
  24. Well while you may not be able to run the G2 at native res you can gedt by @50% res in steam vr even with all settings in DCS down to minimal it will look way better then the O+ I had a simialr run as you Odyssey +,, G2,, Rift S,, Back to a G2 and I have a 1080GTX..
  25. Well I looked in to the Barell distortion thing and setting the correct native res. while you are correct about setting the rez higher in Link Settings it does not mean you can.. If you note in your Link settings pic where it states Render Resolution Resolution under the L there is a white tick mark that is the suggested setting for your System and is reccomended to use it.. I also note you said you tried it @1.0 and it did not effect anything well if that is true then there is something else that is wrong here.. maybe your PC is defective or OC too high or something.. but you said all your other games run fine but DCS being DCS is NOT the other games.. Not sure what to tell you but I would rety setting to the Reccomended tick mark there and restart the link Program and DCS and see what your Frametimes are? if your @1.7 but the settings program is reccomending lower higher is not gonna fix that Problem and yes I understand that is the native rez but like I said above just because it is the native rez does not mean you can run it at native res Are your setting in DCS the same and you are on a 3070? PErhpas try a Uninstall of GPU Drivers with DDU and reinstall newer drivers?
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