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  1. Well thing with newegg now is they have 3rd party sellers. Are you sure it was not a 3rd party seller as they are usually who I have issues with and try to avoid if possible now that I know..
  2. Well I seen this advice from HP, well I would be cautious, after I unplugged my power from the headset. the next day it never came back on and I needed a new cable according to tech support.. I am finally after a month and a week getting my cable tomorrow.. I am unsure if unplugging the power caused my issue but it seemed awfully suspicous that it did not work after I did it. from now on I am just leaving it plugged in YMMV..
  3. Well I have a G2 and did not notice this? altho my heqadset is down by the cable I am hoping to get it back and running within the month.. Sorry I can't test for you to see if the new 2.7 made the tilt.
  4. No it is completely different you need to look for "HyperThreading"
  5. Well alot has happened since I posted this.. I ended up getting a new case and it was a Corsair Spec-Delta case and put all the parts in that and got a Gigabyte Windforce 970GTX. Well I had it on marketplace for a week nada. I thin took it off and last night put it back on and I got a bite from a guy and he said he wanted the PC but without the vidoe card and could only pay 500USD.. Well I went back and forth with him this afternoon and he said he wanted to meet me halfway I guess to deliver the PC and that was over 9 hours ago since I last heard from him.. I really wan
  6. No, you do not need to use the Steam DCS you can use DCS Standalone but it needs Windows mixed reality for Steam and Steam VR to be run. Well that is the way the WMR Headsets work..
  7. Well it definitely will run DCS @ 1080P but the one pressing thisg I see is the RAM you should get 2 stick Not 1 as the RAM is dual channel and will suffer performance loss with only 1 ram chip.. Also I would put DCS All on the SSD, a Platter drive will kill performance in DCS..
  8. well the best way to see if you are throttled in any way is to get Intels XTU and use that to monitor the throttling section it has.. then run a stress test and see if any of the CPU gets throttled during the test.. Don't use the XTU to set your OC it is mainly for laptops but it is good to see if your CPU is being throttled in any way.. I just used it an found out I was power limit throttled and did not even know it until I ran XTU and a stress test.. I would most likely say you could be Power limit throttled and not even know it.. Hopefully throttling is not your issu
  9. has that i7 been delidded?? IF not you could be getting too hot and it is throttling you. you could also be Power limit throttled..
  10. Yes for the life of me I could not figure out what TG was lol now I see.. When I get the case I will transfer all the parts over to it and boot back up and hopefully it works ok.. I am still trying to get hold of at least a 980GTX in hopes that will be better then nothing..
  11. Hey what is TG?? also the prices of any video card right now are out of this world.. I seen a 970 for 250 which is way more then I want to spend right now plus the case umm it is getting more spendy for something I might sell.. IDK it does not seem worth it.. Parting out is a pain as well. https://www.newegg.com/p/2AM-000Z-00069?Item=2AM-000Z-00069 Well not sure what TG is but I bought the above case. if they dont like that well I guess I am out 100USD.. lol
  12. Hey guys, I, just ran through ebay pricing again and came out with a total of 880 USD. now that is just all the parts… I also cleaned the case. I assembled, stress and bench tested the PC. Plus tidy up the wires and such..Installed Win 10 and updated. I alsomay have to deliver up to 15 miles from my location.. that has to be worth something. Now I put it on Marketplace for a 1000USD… I think that could be a good starting point what do my peers think… EDIT: I lowered the price to 800usd.. let see if I get some nibbles there.. I think people are shying away from the case.
  13. Where there are a ton of Variables why screenshots look better.. do you have any screenshots you are referring too and perhaps some of your own?
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