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  1. Sorry for the stupid question, but how do you communicate with the ground crew on cold start using realistic comms? Thanks. NEVERMIND...ugh, the airbase was set to neutral. Sorry for taking up space.
  2. I've been giving some love to the FC3 aircraft just for a more relaxing change of pace and I've been running through some great training missions for the F-15C. I can't help but notice that the needles on the analog RPM indicators appear to be backward. In other words, when I apply throttle, the nozzles and RPM readouts get smaller toward zero, rather than getting higher. Is this a known bug or is it something in my setup? Thanks.
  3. Looks great, although the Viper guys are going to be pissed!
  4. So I got my Jet Pad about a month ago, almost to the day, and it just inexplicably died a few days ago. I thought maybe it was a loose or bad connection between the EU plug and the US adapter I was using, but I just ordered a few more and the unit is still non-responsive. It is not detected by Windows, or the Simshaker software and the green light on the hand controller is out. I've checked all the connections and they are tight. I've tried different electrical outlets and different USB ports. Nothing. Andre...I emailed you to discuss my options. This is pretty frustrating.
  5. Just got my Simshaker Jetpad today. Seems to work great in game...and I'm embarrassed to mention this...but the massage function doesn't seem to work. When I press on the START button, nothing happens. It is obviously more important that it works in game, but I just want to make sure I've configured it properly and I'm not doing something wrong. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the feedback.... I designated the 01 - 12 keys as F1 - F12 in the Synapse software and it works in DCS. I didn't even need to configure them within DCS since it seems to be just emulating the keyboard function keys which are already set in DCS. I also designated the scroll wheel for typical mouse functionality, ie. scroll up and scroll down. It also worked in DCS without having to make any changes to the control settings. Is this how it should done, or is there some other way to configure the Razer keys directly within DCS?
  7. Is anybody using these in DCS? I picked one up for a fairly cheap price and want to use it to finally eliminate the need for my full-size keyboard for anything in VR. DCS detects the device (as a joystick) in the control settings, but I am unable to bind any keys. Do I have to use the software that comes with the Razer? Every other device I use (and there are many) can be configured from within DCS. Thanks.
  8. Did yours come in different packages? I ordered both panels and only received the Combat Ready Panel this morning. I have not received any shipping information so I had no idea they were even on the way. Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind! Separate packages confirmed. Second shipment expected on Thursday.
  9. How are you actually mounting this? The UFC has keyholes in the back that align with a VESA 100 mount, but the keyholes are just simple cuts into the back of the UFC, they aren't screw holes so they can't be securely affixed to the mount with hardware. I'm at a loss. I've temporarily used Velcro, but it doesn't feel solid and secure. What am I missing?
  10. So I bought one of these on impulse. I have a Vive, Rift-S and HP Reverb with a G2 on order, but I wanted to give this a shot since it gives me the flexibility of being able to play in any room and link to the PC for an improved experience over the Rift-S... I should have done a little more research first. It seems that very few Oculus titles are "Cross-buy" meaning if you bought them for another headset, they will be available in your library on a new headset. I was shocked to discover this. I just assumed that titles in my library would be there on the new device without having to bu
  11. ^for a guy that has such a big chip on his shoulder, you sure are full of helpful advice. Here is some for you....get a little sense of humor and don’t take things so seriously.
  12. Based on your response, I’d say the only way to get advice around here is to have an attitude. In any event, when your VR isnt working, 12 hours is an eternity.
  13. I seem to have solved the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling windows mixed reality, not just the portal. Not sure what caused the install to start functioning like that, but with the reinstallation, things seem to be back to normal. Thank God. Thanks for all the useful advice. Couldn’t have done it without you.
  14. So a couple of days ago I noticed that my HP Reverb felt much hotter than I am used to and the display in the WMR portal was much more bright and vibrant. I am also noticing that the image blurs when I move my head, and then returns to normal when movement stops. Something is clearly off. I've found one other person reporting this issue in the HP Support forums. He seemed to solve the issue by uninstalling the portal and re-installing it. I've tried that several times to no avail. Anybody know what the heck is going on and how to stop it? VR is pretty much unusable until I get this sor
  15. I wonder if it is not working for me since I am using the mic that comes with the headset? Doesn't really make sense though since the mic appears to pick up audio without the controller being on...that's the only difference I can see though.
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