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  1. Plus you know carry a tenth of your countries total amount of FOX 3s to be lost if anything goes wrong with your sortie.
  2. I've been able to finsh off a damaged M1 abrams with the 30 mm. Has to be close range with high rate of fire and top rear from directly behind it though, side and front will do nothing
  3. Yeah I feel that having the as a added "pylon" option like the chaff flare dispensers in the MiG 21 would be prefereable
  4. How do people feel about the mi-24 exhaust supressors, i'm not sure if i like the look of them or not. I wonder how much added benifit they have as the Russian ones in the Syria conflict didn't have them installed but did put down flares in their attack runs. Maybe the threat potential was pretty low but the decided to drop flares to give "some" protection "afterall it works for jets" I've been flying with them on since the begining but i wonder what taking them off in game does in terms of the hinds prrformance (top speed) climb etc, i'm unfortunatly out of town so i can't test it, but I was wondering what the diference in game is and if anyone has tested it to sone degree. Also what is the penelties of having them installed in real life?
  5. I was wondering if we could get a definitive answer for this, as this is constantly obfuscated. Is any of the glass on the apache amoured, Or is it all just plexy? From the thickness and angles it seems like it's just plexy. I know on the cobra (which has minimal if any armor at all) the glass is plexi, based on how heavy armor can be and the fact the apache uses movement and it's sensor suite to stay at safe distances I wonder if any apache pilots or techs can put this topic to rest.
  6. Again weight/benifit. They are added wieght and reduce engine output slightly, and flares seem to be more effective anyway as an active defense, so the Hinds used in Syria usually flare during and after their attack run, just im case there is tge odd manpad around. In higher threat they might consider adding them
  7. I was able to pull the 360 degree yaw spin while keeping forward momentum. You really have to psy attention to what your collective and rpm govenor is doing to make precise manuvers
  8. I'm for coordinated defense and varied tactics, and I did attack from different directions but from the north and east is pretty difficult because of how close the farp is to the hills to the east and north, you pop up over the hill and get engaged by The avenger or the M1's main gun and the vulcans which wouldn't be so bad but the blue EWR already detects you far out from the Farp so flying high is extremely difficult, most times I get shot down by F-5s, Sadly the stingers are very difficult for petrovich to find, even spaming the direction he's looking in. And stingers are very hard to spot for any human player as well, i did manage to kill a handful, but the Hueys can put them up faster then we can find and kill them so it's not a matter of coordinating with players . I'm ok with having a handfull of stingers availible or if they were one shot by default, but there isn't much skill involved in grabbing 1 every 5-10 minutes in a Huey out from the farp and placing it 2-3 miles from the Farp at 20-30 degree intervals. Doing that a single huey can pretty much shut down attacks by Mi-24s and Su-25s And that's my concern. 1 unit and player shouldn't be able to shut down an entire objective by itself with no counter and I feel that's pretty much what having unlimited stingers spawnable at the FARP does. Perhaps i'm wrong, but what would you suggest to countering a single huey that can put up 4 stingers around the farp in the time it takes RED force to just spawn and get there, at the start of the mission, and then can continue spitting out stingers for the rest of the mission?
  9. 2 hours..... Grevio I timed it in Tacview. You spawned 4 stingers by "yourself", not including speeddog around the farp in less then 30 minutes. So the 2 of you can put up 8 easily around the farp in 30 minutes. So we are supposed to take out a farp that can spawn unlimited stingers that can potentially have 5-7 up before the first wave of red even gets there? That's not even including the avenger and vulcans already there, and then all of the air cover provided by jets...Lets not kid ourselves. The 2 hueys by themselves with light loads can put that out to easy, and make the entire farp basically immune from air attack with out any additional air support at all.
  10. I'm ok with a mixed defense, of stingers, avengers and vulcans, of limited numbers available to be grabbed at the farp, especially due to the distance and the fact that it takes about 15-20 minutes to travel farp to farp in a straight line after spawning in. I'm ok with more units being available at Vody since the increase in travel time, can make up for it. and of course this works the same for red as well, limited IGLAs and other AAA, so that each farp doesn't become an impossible nut to crack for air units I'll also note that you guys placed additional stingers half way in between, and that I killed about 3 stingers myself, so that defense of 9-10 stingers can be done within a hour, but even 5 stingers with 3 shots each is just a bit much, when combined with the avengers, already there.
  11. Can we get a limit on the Stinger units available at the Blue FARP on Swedish Delivery. It's a target for red, but this last mission Blue put over 10 Stinger units surrounding the entire FARP, and I'm pretty sure they had pretty much as many as they wanted to grab, and considering they can just travel five minutes and grab another without consequence it just breaks the mission.
  12. since the update only bind to hotas the regular "observe" option, which flicks to observe switch on, but cannot bind to hotas the "observe off" and "observe on/off" the only way to use these now is to press the keyboard bindings for them
  13. Can confirm can only bind to hotas the regular "observe" option, but cannot bind the "observe off" and "observe on/off" to hotas, the only way to use these now is to press the keyboard bindings for them
  14. Whoops was late last night when i posted. This is supposed to be in the MiG-21 page
  15. Well he only spins counterclockwise once in the entire routine when he's at more or less a stand still, which you can do pretty easy, you just increase collective this time to achive the spin in that direction. You can do the same manuver that i did but counterclockwise however It's harder to keep forward momemtum. Remeber turn clockwise lower collective. Turn counter clockwise raise collective.
  16. Just pitch and roll channel. Level out at about 75kph. Full right torque pedal and importantly lower collective as you do. (The right toque pedal will cause the rpm governor to increase power which will cause it to climb. Lowering colective will counteract this and also allow more authority to yaw right) try to keep it level with the horizon, as you come out of the turn increase collective to maintain altitude, and slow your rotation
  17. When using the sight to guide the Shturms, the missle no longer tracks to the center of the sight. It only tracks to the + symbol above the normal crosshairs. See track ATGM sight is not working properly for human operator.trk edit, actually it does work, just it takes a while for the missle to drop down now so close up shots don't really work
  18. Needs a little polish, but it's pretty much there
  19. Well in that case..... First, it's nice to know that if I lose an engine in the Hornet, I've got another to take me home.....unlike the Fighting Falcon where I'll have to ditch in the desert, and be set on fire... Also the Hornet doesn't fly like a pig as the F-16 does with a decent air to ground loadout, that's just a fact. Hornets got a better radar, that got updated during it's lifespan, compared to the poor little APG-68, AMRAAM equivalent radar on the F-16. Without Datalink it's like looking through a straw. I guess if you have AWACS babysitting you 24/7 your fine, just make sure not to wander away from your E-3's apron strings. Sure you can get high up to 40000 feet and Mach 1.6 without too much difficultly, I'll just wait the 5 minutes out of engagement range it takes for you to burn all your useable fuel, in full burner, to keep your tiny little wings aloft at that alt. It's cute seeing you small falcons try to imitate your bigger Eagle brothers, but then again good tactics don't seem to be a priority for most F-16 drivers in DCS. Remember the song is actually meant to go: Cause if it's single seat...multirole...and flown by some dumb asshole...you bet your ass that fucker issss... a stupid Viper. Finally the Hornet had a cool name to begin with. Their pilots didn't have to overcompensate out of shame for the actual name of their aircraft, the Fighting Falcon. Obviously this is all just trash talk, I own both modules and like both. In all seriousness the Hornet is just a more versatile and reliable platform, even when compared to the F-16. It's turn around times and low maintenance hours, means that it is always there for the party. Having performance is great, but you need to be able to show up for it to be useful. One thing the Hornet never had to do, compared to the F-14, and the Harrier, was to justify it's existence as a military expenditure.
  20. Totally doable with the current flight model, just make sure your at a good weight, and keep you power setting reasonable so you still have good tail authority, sadly I'm at work or I'd replicate it
  21. Man, when they work, S8 rockets are cool.
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