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  1. F1-CE getting closer to early access. With R530s!!
  2. Hmmmm was hoping is was going to be more around 15x considering the ka-50 is 7x and 23x. Still usable but. Tricky to engage at max missile range then
  3. Any idea of the magnification options on the Raduga sight?
  4. Server has been down for a bit (over twelve hours). EDIT: Never mind my mistake. it's back up
  6. Well I mean the F-14 is only on some of the time so if the F-14 is availible but the server is empty it's likely people won't fly it. Now I for one don't want to change the number of missions the F-14 is in. I think it's perfectly fine how it is at the moment. However it looks like that in Europe people are playing in the evenings there, but in the Americas they are not playing in the evenings. Obviousky this I feel is because the majority of the players on the server are European. I'm just wondering if we want to promote the server a bit. I'm thinking about doing some stuff on some on the Fac
  7. So i'm wondering how we can get more people playing in the evenings in the Americas. I'm saying this for selfish reasons because I work when the server is busy, and can't get on till 20:00MST which is 02:00GMT. Now the easist solution is have more US cold war jets, so hopefully when the A7 and F8 come out there will be a bit of an influx. The F-4 would probably get a ton of people if it ever gets developed. I was wondering if anyone eles had any Ideas on how we can get the server a bit more full during those times?
  8. Don't get me wrong though, it is a game changer combined with the MiG's ability to IFF. I used the radar a decent amount before, now i use it all the time. R3Rs while still situational are more then just a gimmick now. Senior F-5 players will still be able to reliably defeat them, but they give you a head on option if R-60ms are off the table.
  9. We keep hearing mixed things on the MiG-29 depending on the source. In October we heard it was just in planning. In December and Jan we heard that it was getting developed a bit sooner (since Black shark 3 wasn't happening) but nothing since then, and recently Nineline said that it's still just in planning....
  10. Also not to be confused with the MI-24P-1M. From the looks of it the Mi-24s (including the vanila Mi-24p we are getting) were doing well enough in Syria that Russia is considering modifying of it's existing fleet of Mi-24s and cutting back on purchasing new Mi-28, Ka-52, and Mi-35Ms. I wonder if the Mi-35Ps have the better engines like the Mi-35Ms Personally i like the look of the mi-35P more then the Mi-35Ms since it retains the big wing and retractable gear
  11. Well it's still can't look down really unless you are up high and they are only slightly below you and there is still nothing but sky behind them for a long long long distance but this was also the case before. Also like before,the tweaks to the radar have no effects on the aspect of target. It's a pulse radar so there is no notch filter, so targets as long they are above you or co-alt will not disappear regardless if they are cold, hot or flanking as there is no pulse-doppler notch filter for them to hide in. Works similar to the F-14 radar in pulse mode. Unlike before It can now
  12. Yeah the thrust to weight is much better in the F-16 esspessially at Mil power. The F-16 has probably the best fuel burn ratio in game for 4rth gen fighters. Better then the F/A-18 the F-15 and the Tomcat. I know the Mirage 2000 is close to it though
  13. Even with the glitch the F-16 is limited to pretty much just mach 2 at alt. The MiG 29 flies higher and faster at alt to mach 2.25 The F-16 doesn't like altiudes above 40000ft. It needs burner to do it. It's wings are just too small, and as mentioned the F-16 block 50 is a air pusher. It does fantastic for acceleration at low alt but the block 52s do better at higher alt (less bypass ratio). The F-16 has slightly better acceleration then the MiG 29A at low Alt.
  14. The Mirage F-1 Is good for a turbo jet. But it's not a turbo fan, so it's fuel ecconmy is always going to be poorer then the F-16 which is more of a air pusher turbofan design (for a fighter at least)engine anyway. The F-1 thrust to weight is nothing to write home about. Better then the F-5 but worse then the MiG-21bis. It should retain energy in turns way better then the MiG 21 though
  15. Mig 29A i believe is faster then F-16 on the deck, and definetly up high. Cockpit bubble of the F-16 creates bad occilation (happens in game) limiting it's top speed.
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