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  1. I received my Green Spring for my Warthog Stick a week ago and am highly satisfied with the lower spring tension it provides and it makes the stick a lot smoother (the heavier spring causes binding between the moving parts in the stick base) and it re-centers perfectly. I highly recommend the Green Spring for users who use the standard stick base (without an extension). Personally I think the Warthog Stick base should come standard with this spring (my opinion!). Here's a video I made to show how easy it is the move the stick with moderate/light finger pressure:
  2. Good day. I wanted to ask anyone here who has done skins for the P-51D if they might consider doing one of a P-51D that served with the 355thFG/357thFS, named "Barbara", OS H 414402. This aircraft was originally flown by Ace Capt Fred R Haviland Jr. but was also flown by my late cousin who was lost in the War. Here is a couple of links regarding the aircraft including photos and a color plate: http://www.felstedremembers.uwclub.net/Hardee.htm https://books.google.com/books?id=BZweDAAAQBAJ&pg=PA39&lpg=PA39&dq=p-51d+barbara+fred+havilland&source=bl&ots=BzcchSQWkN&
  3. Hello, is the default Pan View for POV Hat Switches disabled? I can't get it to work so I had to use VC view assignments which I cannot fine tune. I am using a Saitek X-56. All other models use the default POV Hat setting with no issue (no view tweaks needed). -Edit, disregard, solved the issue, I had to manually assign all the POV Hat entries but all is working fine now regarding pan views.
  4. I made multiple attempts to get Paypal to work on Google Chrome and Firefox but it kept getting hung up on the Paypal/Sage payment page not allowing me to click the pay button. I finally tried my Opera Browser and it worked perfectly.
  5. Not sure when this issue started but the LEX Vapor which is normally only visible during High G pulls is now Always Visible, even sitting still on the ground.
  6. Sad news. Just last year I lost my Father after his 9 and a half year battle following a diagnosis of lung cancer. My heart aches for any family who has to go through such a thing. My sincere and deep condolences to Igor's family and friends.
  7. Same here. good to go now. The only minor glitch I ran into was the auto updater wasn't working so I manually triggered it via the normal command line means.
  8. I will check on it now and report back
  9. I was about to post about this issue as I just noticed it After I bought the Harrier, I started flying out of the Caucasus map to begin learning to land on the Tarawa and when I went back to Nellis, I saw the issue. So can you guys give us an idea of when we might see the update?
  10. Please Disregard, problem solved, likely user error.
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