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  1. Copy that, Rudel. No worries....Just thought it was worth letting you know. Have a good one.
  2. Buenas tardes, Rudel tengo problemas de trigger (presiona este botón y no cambia a la parte siguiente del tutorial) en las misiones 10 (anti buque) y 13 (bomba planeadora) después de la actualización a 2.7. Me temo que ED o Deka han tocado algo o varios algo. Muchas gracias
  3. No, I don't, anymore because I changed it a few weeks ago to see if it fixed the issue but no joy. BUT I DID have it accentuated when I installed DCS and changing windows username folder and rerouting everything to new username is more complicated than it looks or sounds like. Hence why I said if I ever format again, I will keep in mind not using weird characters.
  4. Hello Manowar. the weird character I was referring to is the "tilde" on the i of Ramirez and no, I am not usig the Spanish GUI in spite of being Spanish myself. Thank you for your help as well. Like I said before it isn't a game breaking bug for me, plenty of other ways to enjoy single player missions but I kinda liked that feature. Next time I format my computer, I will remeber not to create a user name with weird characters on it.
  5. Thank you for trying to help, @Flappie. I mean it is not game breaking or anything. I can live with it. I will keep on trying trhings to fix it. I can tell you renaming the folder to back up so DCS create a new one didn't work for me. Maybe. it is my spanish user name with a strange character causing the issue.
  6. Yes, I think I can, here you go. dcs.log
  7. Same here... IIRC it has been like this since three open beta patches ago.
  8. Thank you so much, it has been fixed.
  9. Greetings. I have a problem with RAZBAM Mirage 2000C campaign. It says i am missing Mission Final 03.miz file. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling but no dice. What am i doing wrong? can you help me, please? I have attached a picture with the error message.
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