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  1. *corrected previous post Do you know if there is a significant amount of wing flex in flight? That would be a nice addition for V2.
  2. Well, I'm prior military, and I find it offensive when someone pretends they are when they're not. And ad hom argument? I'm not "debating" here. I asked a question in a non-confrontational manner and you become pompous and arrogant about it. You're not so perfect either. Good bye.
  3. Not sure if I understand you correctly? The next version is the new one.
  4. Will this get reported or at least fixed in V2?
  5. Is this something you used to do? You're very defensive about this?
  6. In addition to previous posts. -HUD that is viewable when adjusting seating position -Logic for BLEED air, WINDSHIELD DEFOG/DEICE/RAIN, PITOT HEAT, AIR SUPPLY, SERVICE AIR HOT if air temperature exceeds allowable ECS range, WINDSHIELD HOT if >150F, INU AIR HOT, WEAPON STATION CHK -Ability to write/erase JTAC information on kneeboard -Functioning TISL -Functioning red GREEN light on left console. -Functioning LINE CHECK -Functioning SIGNAL AMPLIFIER SWITCH -Functioning KY-58 panel in single player -On CMSP operation of MENU for JMR, MWS and RWR edit: removed hypoxia a
  7. It should not go unchecked. Recently in USA there was someone impersonating a police officer and trying to arrest people. It's also a federal crime to claim certain military decorations because imposters will sometimes try get discounts or some other monetary benefit, loans, property, etc.
  8. Tried both HOTAS from Saitek and returned them. Maybe they were good in the past, but the current ones didn't feel right ergonomically, springs were too soft and loose buttons. I picked up the VKB Gladiator and, overall, I'm happy with it. VKB and Virpil have nice equipment.
  9. I changed those settings and decreasing the TFOV limits what is rendered in the HUD. Not that size of the text or spacing. It's not making the speed and altitude scales come closer together. Any information outside FOV=150` is cut off and will not be seen.
  10. Maybe a thread in the bug report or wish list will get some attention? Would be nice to have this modeled correctly.
  11. Yes, because you're in MAN REL and that's not our point. We're talking about CCIP-CR 3/9 and 5 Mil release solutions. A few people have already posted pics. The bottom half of the reticle is cutoff. Go to 0:29. This is what we're talking about. See the full reticle, dashed PIBL and 5 MIL on the left. Now, the bottom half of the reticle is cut off.
  12. The HUD doesn't change its FOV limits( the box) if you move up. Moving up allows you to see all the way to the HUD's FOV limit but the what's actually being rendered in the box doesn't change... I think You have the same thing in CCIP-CR 3/9 and 5mil. Look at you release mode in the vid. When the reticle moves up, it's because your trajectory and altitude turns the PIBL to CCIP MAN REL. From dash to solid. 3/9 and 5mil will change to MAN REL when conditions are appropriate even if selected under the IFFCC.
  13. You're in CCIP MAN REL mode. He's referring to the CCIP CR (3/9; 5mil). The option when you switch the IFFCC. I have the same issue. Half the reticle is cut at the bottom. Also the same on my end too.
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