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  1. Folks keep mentioning later F-4E's, if you want a later one, get one with the ARN-101 system as it greatly increased the bombing accuracy. If you're a Phantom pilot you're not only going on air to air missions you're also going to be trucking a lot of freight. The Phantom was capable of carrying up to 24 500 lb bombs, 6 each on stations 1, 5, and 9, 3 each on 2 and 8.


    The later E models I worked on could carry anything in the USAF inventory. They could carry Sparrows, Sidewinders, Mavericks, Shrikes, GP bombs, Snake Eyes, cluster munitions, laser guided weapons, chemical bombs and two different nukes. I probably missed a few. (They were restricted from carrying 2.75" rockets when it was found that plastic pieces on the back end of the rocket were being ingested into the intakes during the firing sequence causing damage to the turbine blades.)

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  2. On 2/3/2021 at 6:38 AM, Bravelink03 said:

    F-4D, F-4E, F-4J and F-4S. Two Vietnam era birds (F-4D and J) and two post war 80s birds (F-4E and F-4S).


    Also what kind of banter would you like to hear?

    The E model was Vietnam era as well, we had birds at Seymour Johnson that had MiG kills to their credit. One airframe was credited with three kills and had 3 red stars painted on the port intake ramp in addition to "MiG Killer" stenciled on the inside of the nose gear door.


    I forgot to add that I'd prefer the F-4E since I was a weapons mechanic and worked on them for a year and a half. For nostalgia reasons. 🙂

    On 5/11/2021 at 10:31 AM, G.J.S said:

    I think it may actually be more interesting to model a short nose bird, then you as the pilot have to make a decision . . . take the gun - or take the centreline fuel.

    The outcomes would be interesting to hear from others.

    Stubbies all the way!

    Take the fuel, the gun pods were very inaccurate.

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  3. 21 hours ago, Rudel_chw said:

    +1 .. I'd purchase it on a heartbeat, an european jet for a change 👍

    I'd be a buyer also but I'd also like "someone" to do the F-4 Phantom and since Heatblur did such a nice job on the Tomcat I think they'd be a prime candidate for any two-crew aircraft.


    I'd also buy the Rafale, Gripen and other European models as well as more Soviet/Russian models.


    Oh and a Vietnam map!  :P

  4. I have an X56 and I can't seem to get profiles I create using the Logitech software to work in DCS. When I test the programming via the Logitech software, all the button presses are correct but the game isn't seeing them.


    I "could" program the stick/throttle via the DCS mapping utility, and it does work there but the mapping utility only tells you "button 42, throttle" and doesn't show you which one it is.


    I'm probably doing something wrong, I just can't figure out what it is. :)

  5. What are the problems you experience in DCS?


    I'm on a Windows 10 machine, just so you know. The game intermittently sees the controllers and just yesterday it quit seeing the rudders, again. I had the CH software set to startup when the computer starts and I made sure the DCS profile was loaded before starting DCS. (DCS profile was just controller calibrations.) Load the appropriate aircraft profile in DCS and go fly and see what isn't working today. :p


    I bought my CH gear back when I was flying Aces High with GMan109 and honestly I was never as impressed with the stuff as many other people were. It still works fine for everything except DCS.

  6. I have a CH Combatstick, Pro Throttle and Pedals that all work fine, except I can't keep them working in DCS. They work fine in every other game.


    If you'd like to purchase them shoot me a PM and an offer. I just purchased an X56 to replace them.

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