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  1. I love the sound model, but I agree...I had to turn "hear like in helmet" off and crank up the volume. Speaking of crank, the start up sounds need to be boosted. There is virtually no starter noise, rather a silent crank. I know it's early access but I agree with the rest, this is when it needs to be brought up.
  2. I'm seeing that after a bit more research. Thank you for your input! I couldn't agree with you more lol. Upgrades are next on my list.
  3. Cool, so I guess I'm going to look into MB/CPU combo options. I disabled OTT and used oculus debug tool and now I'm pulling 90 fps in main menu (with headset on) and a solid 45 fps while flying doing pretty much anything, including operating on the Stennis. SC I'm now getting upper 20s, lower 30s...upper teens lower 20s if the island is in view. Mind you this is with my DCS settings low and no shadows. Now, I'm about to go in and find the best middle ground between textures, AA and PD. I really need that AA because with it at 2x, it's almost impossible to make out the angled deck/ball on the c
  4. Last night I was given a marshal radial almost 80 deg offset. :huh: I had to go back and make sure I didn't misunderstand the controller. I did not. Not sure if that is anything close to real life or not, but it made for an interesting approach anyway
  5. Hey so yeah I have tried most everything you mentioned, with the exception of using the oculus command line and alt+enter for full screen. Last night I turned my textures to low and put pixel density back up to 1.0 and disabled super sampling in OTT. Worked wonders. Now on SC i'm getting mid 20s for FPS, but if the carriers island is in view, i'm getting around 15. Ive noticed that the animations from the island (rotating radars, etc) really lower my fps, both on deck and final approach. I will take a look at that command line though, but I'm running 45 FPS in main menu. For some reason, nothi
  6. Thanks for the replies. I think my next purchase is going to be the GPU, and the highest CPU I could upgrade to would be an i7 4790 on this old motherboard. But it's interesting that you mention cockpit resolution and pixel density. My cockpit res was already on 512. Textures on medium, and terrain textures on low. Basically everything turned down just enough to try and coax what I can out of the SC. I'm also using oculus tray tool. I might try messing with that because I have my in-game pixel density set to 0.5 and the OTT super sampling set to 1.5. But honestly, ALL of that was working w
  7. Greetings, So maybe this is a problem with my out of date hardware (i5 4460 cpu @ 3.2GHz, Geforce 1060 gpu, 32gb RAM) but the SC is unplayable for me. Everywhere else in DCS (including CVN 74 Stennis), I'm getting consistenly upper 30's/mid 40's FPS (never above 45 fps). But the SC? My FPS will cycle between low 20s and single digits. MOSTLY single digits... I have tried using DCS VR Shaders 2.5.6 (ICPass), NOT using said shaders, I have tried turning off all shadows, even tried installing a shadow.lua file some nice person uploaded to this forum. I'm not sure what to do but I know that I c
  8. Fix Mustang, Thank you! I followed the instructions for page file. I was able to load the spitfire, however it still took a really long time and hung up for a bit at the end of the load, but once it was in, it worked just fine. I did not press my luck and try any other planes, nor did I try the Tomcat as it tends to crash my system. However, I did find a log, but no crash log. There are multiple errors and warnings in it, some relating to the F-14. I have attached it, it's from when i was able to load into the Spitfire. dcslog.txt
  9. Ah...ok, so basically there's nothing we as the user can do? Ok then! No problem, ED will get around to it I suppose! Just a waiting game at this point...:music_whistling:
  10. Hello all, So I had not gotten on DCS World in a month or so, went to hop back on before the Tomcat was released, updated DCS World, and now it will not load. Doesn't matter what aircraft, it will get to the end of the load screen and everything will just freeze and DCS World will stop responding. No crash logs found. Downloaded Tomcat, it updated again. Now it will get to the fly screen and freeze. No crash logs. I have tried running a repair on DCS World OpenBeta a couple of times, no fix. I wish I could attach a crash log, I am just unable to find any. Any help would be greatly appreciat
  11. Yes. You jogged my memory...when I was installing the update and the F-18, it kept hanging up because of McAfee. Live and learn...need to remember to deactivate antivirus during installs :doh:
  12. Ok so that worked, thank you very much! Not sure what happened in the first place...do files just get corrupted over time or with updates?
  13. No I have not made any edits to the game files of any kind. I'm afraid to do those things because of things like this! I will follow your instructions and let you know what happens.
  14. So just today I started experiencing 2.5 not loading the menu screen. It connects to the server, authenticates data, then the blue sky with the load bar. It rapidly gets to 55% then just stops. Does not appear to be frozen, no "DCS Not Responding" messages. It just stops loading. After the latest update I began having problems with some F-18 training/instant action missions locking the sim up with the "not responding" message. I wonder if that has cascaded into this current issue?:huh: I have attached the most recent log I could find. It's not a crash log, however, as nothing has officially "c
  15. Thank you for the quick reply BIGNEWY. I know ED is busting their humps!
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