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  1. I got the same... the file showing was texture/hook @
  2. I have the exact same issue, except that to add to the problem, every time I select Voice chat on and join a server with Voice Chat, I get a CTD
  3. F4l0, you do great work asking nothing in return for all of us with jetseats, forcefeels, and so on! We appreciate it!
  4. I suggest you look them up on Facebook and write them through there as well. I have had a good experience so far where it comes to customer service, although they need to be a bit better with timing. They do not reply right away, but they do reply.
  5. I don't think it is a software thing because it happens with SimShaker for Aviators AND with SimShaker-Wheels... almost as if after a while the connection drops and re-connects right away. Anyhow, the seat should've arrived by now to Realteus. So far communication has been great, and I am hoping they can either repair it or send me a new one.
  6. Hopefully that has changed :thumbup:
  7. Thanks for the reply Tundra! I'll be sending it back on Sunday/Monday and I am hoping I'll get it back soon :( Have gotten so used to simming with it that I'll really miss the feedback if brought!
  8. Quick question... I have an issue (it has occurred since day one with my ForceFeel). Basically, everything works fine, but every now and then it just shuts off after a while. I have to turn it back on, and restart the SSA service. It has happened with SimShaker-Wheels as well, so I am considering doing RMA on sunday. Has anyone experienced something similar, and if they did, what was it or how did you fix it? Thanks for any help!
  9. I have the ForceFeel and I am satisfied with it. SimShaker Wings doesn't support it yet, but SimShaker for Aviators thanks to the amazing work of its developer, and SimShaker wheels have support for it. To be honest, I don't think there'd be much difference between the JetSeat and the ForceFeel. I think they're both good, just a matter of which one you want to get, price, and which one is in stock. That's my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own.
  10. F4l0! Thanks for the latest beta update! Now the ForceFeel is working! There's still the problem with the effects getting stuck but that's such a minor thing when compared to the fact it wasn't working before! Thank you! Keep up the great work!
  11. Seems I spoke too soon... it's on and off... got it working again a little bit again, but not it's not working anymore. The problem seems to be only with SSA and the SeatHandler.
  12. Ok.. just did a quick test... not sure how but it worked!!! I closed the Seat Handler. Then went to the SSA Install folder/Data, and ran ibaJetseatHandler.exe as administrator. Gave me an error, closed it. Then hit restart on the ForceFeel output mode, and now it works!!! YES! Hope I can keep it working!
  13. I'm sorry, the latest beta keeps giving me the same problem. It says ForceFeel Seat State: Not Connected, then a message that says: "Could not connect to ForceFeel - try to 1) restart the handler application trough the service tab in SimShaker For Aviators or 2) reconnect the seat and restart the handler" I tried both options, to no avail. I even tried a different USB, and restarting the PC and got the same result every time. The ForceFeel Control Center does communicate with the seat and works fine. I also tried SimShaker - Wheels and that was also working successfully. I wish I
  14. I also have this same issue. I have written a bit more detailed message to Olaf about it. I wonder if it's the new ForceFeel DLL? I'm not sure. I try re-installing, re-starting, closing ibaJetSeatHandler, I even tried grabbing the ForceFeel.dll from the ForceFeel Control Center and putting it in the SSA folder as a replacement, but unfortunately to no avail. For now I am back to just using the FF in sound mode which is nowhere as rewarding or immersive as when using the amazing SSA.
  15. I'm getting the same errors as Arctander from SeatHandler. And I am getting nothing from the ForceFeel. Unfortunately the last update seems to have broken things for me. I check with the ForceFeel Control Center and the connection works and all motors are working, but unfortunately I'm getting nothing from SSA when I launch DCS or X-plane.
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