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  1. I am experiencing that the gamma looks darker for each time I press the "fly again" button. Don't know if it's the button, but each time I go back in the same mission again it is darker than the previous time. In the end it is so dark, that I have to restart DCS and it is all back to normal. Using open beta Both in VR and in 2D, same result. GPU is Nvidia GTX 1080 This issue is new as of now.
  2. I just noticed the JDAM's will not come off the rail now from the A10C. If indeed there has been a change to how they release then sorry for calling this a bug. For now, it seems as if there is a bug here. This is for the 38, 31 and 31 wind corrected. If anyone has them coming off like the should then please correct me and tell me how to do it. Mind you I have been releasing them for quite a while until recently.
  3. It would be handy for missions in multiplayer to password protect coalitions. Say you are fielding a red vs blue scenario and want to hide the assets on both coalitions, so players do not know what resistance to plan for. There are many other reasons why this is handy. Will it be used on the 24/7 open and public servers? Doubt it. But for all other cases, it will be a handy tool for mission creators.
  4. Hi, can we please have something like this as a native part of DCS VR settings? See link below... The ability to set DCS to render less of the screen in VR. If this post is basically spam at this point, then please delete. There are some great people making modifications for this. And sadly some of them end up not passing integrity checks. I would be happy if we could have something like this as a checkbox in DCS VR settings. Or some options that let us do this. Source: (NOT MY WORK, or my thread) But hats off to the person, and other doing stuff like this. ED, make somethin
  5. This issue seems to be resolved as of 08.06.20. After the large patch and introduction of the channel map. Thanks ED for fixing the CBU's! Great job.
  6. Map lights on the ground are great! There is much room for improvement on other lighting. And I have posted on that. But now I need to give love. Look at the picture from Caucasus. The lighting of the map is better then ever in my opinion. The mirrors not so much. But ignore that just now. Look at the terrain! In all the changes that need to be made to lighting urgently, please do not stray far from the current terrain lights. Gives a great immersion as it is now. Keep up the great work ED, some tuning here and there in various areas, and we will get there! I believe!
  7. Great work that they have acknowledged this! I did my own reaserch on this. It seems as if the lights trigger as they should in regards to the gear, flaps, airbrake. They work fine during night and low light. During the day they seem as mentioned to be opposite. That is down to lighting model. The rest state or background if you may is lighter than before. And the light is dimmer then before. The light seems to me to put on a darker background when lit up creating an illusion of not triggering right. Since the are opposite at day and work during night, I wanted to know when they switch. Is
  8. Look at the picture. Taken from a SU27 in Caucasus over Turkey in January time setting at night. The lights of the cockpit are WAY to bright and are a bit: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom like. Holding a toy plane in hand "ohm ohm nom shaba, ohm ohm nom shaba! Jokes aside: that white dot is an EWR 1L13 at 53 km away (28 NM). That is to far to spot that like a white pixel in the dark. Ok for a jet on afterburner, but a dark and dim camo EWR at night, well not so much. The troops there need to work on light discipline, and pull the curtains down for sure. Have someone speak to them about
  9. I am using current version of OPEN BETA. Some are to bright, some are to dark. Some are to large, and some are to small. The orb effect make lights larger then they need to be. The F18C of recent patch is one good example of that. That thing is now one big flying orb in the dark. Starbord, port and aft lights all merge into one. Looks like it is constantly going through the sound-barrier in a high humidity environment. Hehehe. I like the lights to be a little brighter then in real life. There is some bridging needed to be done from sim to user and brighter lights might be one such thin
  10. Raindrops, any news on when that will be back on the planes that are missing it? The SU25T and some others like the A10A are missing raindrops. Has been like this a while now. Have no idea why that is still an issue, must be deeply rooted. Anyway, hope to see a fix on it. Overall, great updates that have been coming lately. Keep it up! (and yes some slip-ups along the way, coughing hard...RWR lights...cough, cough).
  11. Well, Set this up for your own sake. But drop the T-72B's, and do it with fuel trucks. Same result. Its nothing to do with penetration I think. More targeting done by the many, lets call them pods, or icehocky pucks. They seem to gang up on one and move on once destroyed, and many cases they all blow up before the actual target is rendered dead. Hence the one maybe two statistic. The random spread of individual puck acquisition was more uniform before. You never hit anything specific, but way more targets. So if one CBU-97 is going to net me 1-2 fueltrucks I might as well go GUNS GUNS GUN
  12. I have noticed this for a while. Thanks for posting. I have posted on the encyclopedia on other issues before. It need an update to reflect the actual lua values in game. The developers know what values they enter into lua files. So any lua change should generate an update to ranges and performance in the encyclopedia. It is by no means a real life encyclopedia, but one of ingame values and numbers. MY thought on the subject. Feel free to have your own. In any case, the raw data given here is some great work! Hope the developers update the encyclopedia if the lua is correct, and update l
  13. EDIT: RESOLVED. Thanks ED! It seems to me that the cluster bombs CBU-97 and CBU-105 do way less damage. Dropping them on tank groups of lets say 8 T-72 tanks. ONLY 1 maybe 2 get destroyed. It seems there are less hits generated now. I can not sit here and say it is simulated wrong. I am asking, is that correct? Before you could drop a CBU-105 on a tank group and have most if not all destroyed. Ignore spacing. In my example they are put in a close group 4X4 and 125 feet separation between units. As it stands I can no longer justify bringing them out. Other munitions do more dama
  14. Hi all. I am based in Norway and use english as aviation language in sims. Might be relevant in regards to ping time and language barriers. I do not care what country you are from and what dialect your english has, just that your group speak english and use it actively during training and missions. I don't require your group to be talented, just have heart and the desire to aspire towards a somewhat serious approach to DCS. Time zone is UTC+2 I am looking for a serious approach to DCS without breaking the reason we all log on. I guess what I am saying is that if your group takes off
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